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11/18/19, German ministers urge EU to take leading role at Cop25
11/15/19, Banking on the future – Climate Weekly
11/15/19, European Investment Bank ends lending to fossil fuel projects
11/13/19, GCF partners with Chilean private equity firm as unrest continues
11/13/19, Stakeholders push for progress on France’s climate adaptation plans
11/13/19, The world’s foremost energy outlook is still leading us to catastrophic climate change
11/13/19, IEA World Energy Outlook outlines 1.5C scenario
11/12/19, Economic opportunity should see US get on board with shipping clean-up
11/11/19, EU plots climate deal with China
11/11/19, With UN climate talks looming, Spanish election continues political uncertainty
11/8/19, What happens next? – Climate Weekly
11/7/19, Our food system is broken. Here’s how we fix it
11/6/19, London police ban on Extinction Rebellion was unlawful, court finds
11/5/19, Extinction Rebellion art seized by police includes Ron Mueck skull
11/4/19, Trump begins formal US withdrawal from Paris Agreement
11/3/19, US will keep seat at climate talks after it leaves Paris deal
11/1/19, Spain steps up for Cop25 – Climate Weekly
11/1/19, Madrid to host Cop25 climate talks in December after Chile withdraws
11/1/19, Chile has abandoned hosting Cop25, we cannot abandon its people
10/31/19, Spain offers to host Cop25 climate talks after Chile withdraws

Yale Environment 360
11/15/19, EU Investment Bank Agrees to Stop Financing Fossil Fuel Projects
11/14/19, Climate Whiplash: Wild Swings in Extreme Weather Are on the Rise
11/13/19, The Arctic’s Oldest Ice Is Disappearing At a Rapid Rate, Study Finds
11/12/19, Are Numbers of Species a True Measure of Ecosystem Health?
11/11/19, Fukushima to be Transformed into Renewable Energy Hub
11/8/19, Scientists Have Created Fake Rhino Horn. Could It Curb the Illegal Wildlife Trade?
11/7/19, Red Deer in Scotland Have Genetically Evolved in Response to Climate Change
11/7/19, From a Young Climate Movement Leader, a Determined Call for Action
11/5/19, Despite a Warmer, Wetter World, There May Be Less Water Available for Human Use, Study Finds
11/5/19, Listening to Nature: The Emerging Field of Bioacoustics
11/1/19, New Artificial Intelligence Helps to Identify, Track Bird Species
10/31/19, A 2-Million-Year-Old Ice Core from Antarctica Reveals Ancient Climate Clues
10/31/19, Methane Detectives: Can a Wave of New Technology Slash Natural Gas Leaks?
10/29/19, Demand for SUVs a Major Contributor to the Increase in Global CO2 Emissions
10/29/19, For Europe’s Far-Right Parties, Climate Is a New Battleground
10/25/19, Offshore Wind Has the Potential to Fulfill Global Electricity Demand 18 Times Over
10/24/19, Why Rising Acidification Poses a Special Peril for Warming Arctic Waters
10/23/19, Climate Change is Making El Niños More Intense, Study Finds
10/22/19, Small Adjustments to Wind Turbines Can Reduce Impacts on Birds, New Study Finds
10/21/19, The Real Case for Saving Species: We Don’t Need Them, But They Need Us

U.S. Global Change Research Program
8/9/19, Remembering Tony Janetos
12/3/18, USGCRP at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting
11/20/18, On the release of NCA4 Volume II and SOCCR2: A letter from the Acting Chair of the Subcommittee on Global Change Research and our Executive Director
7/23/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: July 2018
5/4/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: May 2018
12/8/17, USGCRP at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting
10/30/17, A Letter from Our Acting Chair and Executive Director
6/28/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: June 2017
4/28/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: April 2017
2/3/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: February 2017

NOAA State of the Climate updates
11/19/19, October 2019 National Climate Report
11/19/19, October 2019 Global Climate Report
11/19/19, October 2019 Regional Analysis
11/19/19, October 2019 Global Snow and Ice
11/19/19, October 2019 Upper Air
11/19/19, October 2019 Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
11/19/19, October 2019 Tornadoes
11/19/19, October 2019 Synoptic Discussion
11/19/19, October 2019 National Snow and Ice
11/19/19, October 2019 Wildfires

The Guardian
11/18/19, Hunger strikers target Pelosi in push for Democrats to take action on climate crisis
11/18/19, Renewable energy: climate crisis 'may have triggered faster wind speeds'
11/18/19, Scientist says rightwing thinktank misrepresented her Great Barrier Reef study
11/17/19, Scientists and climate advisers condemn Tory environmental record
11/17/19, Letters: we can still unite in forgiveness and tolerance | Observer letters
11/16/19, If you can’t talk about climate when the country is burning, when can you? | Greg Jericho
11/15/19, Methane emissions from coalmines could stoke climate crisis – study
11/14/19, Callum Roberts on a life spent diving on coral reefs – Science Weekly podcast
11/14/19, This is climate changed - pray for rain, pray harder for leadership | Badja Sparks
11/14/19, Climategate: Science of a Scandal review – the hack that cursed our planet
11/13/19, Governments have ignored the warnings of fire chiefs on bushfires. There is no more time to waste | Ken Thompson
11/13/19, Climate crisis will affect lifelong health of young, warn doctors
11/13/19, Climate change may be behind fall of ancient empire, say researchers
11/13/19, Australia’s firefighters need concrete support, not just the PM’s ‘thoughts and prayers’ | Jim Casey
11/12/19, The National Farmers' Federation’s drought strategy is like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic | Pete Mailler
11/12/19, Climate change made extreme heat before 2018 Queensland bushfires 'four times more likely'
11/12/19, Greta Thunberg leaves US with simple climate crisis message: vote
11/12/19, Flooding caused by poor management and floodplain building, say experts
11/12/19, If the US military is facing up to the climate crisis, shouldn't we all? | Michael Klare
11/11/19, 'This is our new normal': regional mayors on bushfires and climate change | Claire Pontin and Dominic King

Inside Climate News
11/18/19, Today's Climate - BLM Suspends More Oil and Gas Leases Over Failure to Assess Climate Impact
11/18/19, U.S. Suspends More Oil and Gas Leases Over What Could Be a Widespread Problem
11/16/19, The West's coal war, kids’ health risks rising with climate change, and what’s driving Antarctica’s meltdown?