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9/20/19, ‘Four million’ join students in climate marches, building pressure on leaders
9/20/19, Germany announces host of new measures to bring down CO2
9/20/19, The best and worst of us – Climate Weekly
9/19/19, ‘This movement is saving my life’: climate strikers on their year of protest
9/19/19, Millions expected to make Friday climate protest the largest in history
9/19/19, More than 100 countries applied for UN climate summit, half were rejected
9/17/19, China and India demand cash for climate action on eve of UN summit
9/17/19, French court finds climate activists stole Macron portraits out of necessity
9/16/19, What is the UN climate action summit?
9/15/19, Net zero: the story of the target that will shape our future
9/13/19, Climate Weekly: UN raises expectations for New York summit
9/13/19, Only one-fifth of climate finance going to adaptation, finds OECD
9/13/19, Brexit must not distract from UK’s biggest job in 2020: the Glasgow climate summit
9/12/19, Aviation’s black box: Non-disclosure agreements, closed doors and rising CO2
9/12/19, Five years after New York declaration, forest promises go unmet
9/11/19, UN ‘very confident’ China plans to raise climate ambition
9/11/19, Catholic youth drive climate action across Africa
9/10/19, Turkey withdraws bid to host 2020 UN climate talks, paving way for Glasgow
9/10/19, European Green Deal portfolio handed to EU vice president, in major elevation
9/10/19, Poor countries will hold the rich to account on climate finance

Yale Environment 360
9/20/19, Climate Activists Organize Protests in Thousands of Cities Worldwide
9/18/19, New Jersey Soil Microbe Shown to Break Down ‘Forever Chemicals’
9/18/19, Entries Invited for the First Annual E360 Young Writers Awards
9/17/19, Climate Change Is Reducing Mating Behavior Among Some Birds
9/17/19, As the Monsoon and Climate Shift, India Faces Worsening Floods
9/16/19, Why California Is Standing Firm Against Trump on Auto Emissions
9/12/19, Extreme Weather Displaced 7 Million People in First Half of 2019
9/12/19, Can We Turn Down the Temperature on Urban Heat Islands?
9/11/19, Oil From Deepwater Horizon Spill Could Take At Least 30 Years to Decompose, Study Finds
9/9/19, An Increasingly Urbanized Latin America Turns to Electric Buses
9/6/19, One-third of Homeowners in Hurricane Dorian’s Path Dropped Their Flood Insurance in Recent Years
9/5/19, On the Alabama Coast, the Unluckiest Island in America
9/4/19, China’s Belt and Road Initiative Could Drive Warming to 2.7 Degrees
9/4/19, Will Deforestation and Warming Push the Amazon to a Tipping Point?
8/29/19, Pesticides Linked to Deaths of Millions of Bees in Brazil
8/28/19, Europe Is Warming Faster Than Even Climate Models Projected
8/27/19, A Look at Two Decades of Wildfires Globally in Just 30 Seconds
8/27/19, A Northwest Passage Journey Finds Little Ice and Big Changes
8/23/19, 100-Year Floods Could Soon Happen Annually in Parts of U.S., Study Finds
8/22/19, Wildfires Are Raging in the Amazon, Adding to Widespread Global Blazes

U.S. Global Change Research Program
8/9/19, Remembering Tony Janetos
12/3/18, USGCRP at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting
11/20/18, On the release of NCA4 Volume II and SOCCR2: A letter from the Acting Chair of the Subcommittee on Global Change Research and our Executive Director
7/23/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: July 2018
5/4/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: May 2018
12/8/17, USGCRP at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting
10/30/17, A Letter from Our Acting Chair and Executive Director
6/28/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: June 2017
4/28/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: April 2017
2/3/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: February 2017

NOAA State of the Climate updates
9/23/19, August 2019 National Climate Report
9/23/19, August 2019 Global Climate Report
9/23/19, August 2019 Regional Analysis
9/23/19, August 2019 Global Snow and Ice
9/23/19, August 2019 Upper Air
9/23/19, August 2019 Synoptic Discussion
9/23/19, August 2019 Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
9/23/19, August 2019 Tornadoes
9/23/19, August 2019 Drought
9/23/19, August 2019 Wildfires

The Guardian
9/23/19, Scientists prepare to drill for million-year-old ice in Antarctica
9/23/19, UN secretary general hails 'turning point' in climate crisis fight
9/22/19, Climate-sceptic academic seeks $1.5m in donations to fight unlawful dismissal appeal
9/22/19, Countries must triple climate emission cut targets to limit global heating to 2C
9/22/19, Why do aviation addicts fly in the face of reason? | Letters
9/21/19, 'We will make them hear us': Greta Thunberg's speech to New York climate strike – video
9/20/19, The best climate strike signs from around the globe - in pictures
9/20/19, Global climate strike: Greta Thunberg and school students lead climate crisis protest – as it happened
9/20/19, How the climate crisis will affect you – interactive map
9/20/19, How the climate strike travelled around the world - video
9/20/19, 'Pollution knows no borders': Jeremy Corbyn addresses London climate strike – video
9/20/19, Voices for the Future: climate activism lights up the UN – in pictures
9/20/19, Climate scientists prepare for largest ever Arctic expedition
9/20/19, It’s taken years, but at last there’s real hope for meaningful climate action | Caroline Lucas
9/19/19, Global climate strikes: Don’t say you’re sorry. We need people who can take action to TAKE ACTUAL ACTION | First Dog on the Moon
9/19/19, Aviation's flight towards low emissions only fuels the crisis
9/19/19, We can all do our bit to tackle the climate crisis | Letters
9/19/19, 'We declare our support for Extinction Rebellion': an open letter from Australia's academics
9/19/19, Global climate strike: how you can get involved
9/19/19, Greta Thunberg is right. Congress is ignoring science – and that includes Democrats | Kate Aronoff

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9/21/19, Air pollution is reaching unborn babies, global climate strike draws millions, and a marine heat wave is forming off the coast