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10/11/19, Has Greta promoted peace? – Climate Weekly
10/11/19, German rail company gets credit rating boost in response to climate law
10/11/19, Brazil fights attempt to cancel its old carbon credits
10/11/19, Greta Thunberg misses Nobel prize amid green vs peace dispute
10/10/19, Paralympian climbs onto plane as Extinction Rebels disrupt London airport
10/9/19, UN climate talks must include cities, businesses or risk irrelevance
10/9/19, EU VP nominee backs goal to cut CO2 by ‘at least 55% by 2030’
10/8/19, The fight for the world’s largest forest
10/8/19, Extinction Rebellion holds streets and bridges across the world – live
10/7/19, Extinction Rebellion face police crackdown in London, as global blockade begins
10/7/19, EU emissions scheme excluded from UN aviation offsets
10/7/19, EU agrees to ‘update’ Paris climate pledge
10/4/19, Time for accountability – Climate Weekly
10/4/19, Next EU energy chief backs gas as part of climate transition
10/3/19, Estonia backs European net zero carbon target. Poland loses an ally
10/2/19, What does Greta Thunberg’s call for equity mean?
10/2/19, This is what the world promised at the UN climate action summit
10/2/19, Growing anti-coal alliance could become non-proliferation treaty for fossil fuel
9/27/19, It’s all about 2020 now – Climate Weekly
9/26/19, ‘New Bretton Woods’ needed to fix global system and climate: outgoing UN official

Yale Environment 360
10/11/19, Lawmakers’ Political Divide Over Climate Change Has Grown in the Trump Era
10/10/19, Climate Change Threatens Hundreds of North American Bird Species: “It’s a Bird Emergency”
10/10/19, On the Northwest’s Snake River, the Case for Dam Removal Grows
10/8/19, As Solar and Wind Become Cheaper, Japan Faces Billions in Stranded Coal Assets
10/8/19, Open for Business: The Trump Revolution on America's Public Lands
10/7/19, Peruvian Glaciers Have Shrunk By 30 Percent Since 2000
10/3/19, Turkey’s Dam-Building Spree Continues, At Steep Ecological Cost
10/2/19, Scientists Are Getting Better at Predicting Hurricane Intensity
10/1/19, Wildfires in Bolivia Have Killed an Estimated 2 Million Animals So Far This Year
9/30/19, In Israel, Questions Are Raised about a Forest that Rises from the Desert
9/27/19, Farmed Oysters Show Resilience to Ocean Acidification
9/26/19, Why China’s Renewable Energy Transition Is Losing Momentum
9/25/19, Global Warming Causing Profound Changes to the World’s Oceans, Scientists Warn
9/24/19, 50-Plus Banks Pledge to Measure Climate Impacts of Investments
9/24/19, Could Massive Storm Surge Barriers End the Hudson River's Revival?
9/20/19, Climate Activists Organize Protests in Thousands of Cities Worldwide
9/18/19, New Jersey Soil Microbe Shown to Break Down ‘Forever Chemicals’
9/18/19, Entries Invited for the First Annual E360 Young Writers Awards
9/17/19, Climate Change Is Reducing Mating Behavior Among Some Birds
9/17/19, As the Monsoon and Climate Shift, India Faces Worsening Floods

U.S. Global Change Research Program
8/9/19, Remembering Tony Janetos
12/3/18, USGCRP at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting
11/20/18, On the release of NCA4 Volume II and SOCCR2: A letter from the Acting Chair of the Subcommittee on Global Change Research and our Executive Director
7/23/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: July 2018
5/4/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: May 2018
12/8/17, USGCRP at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting
10/30/17, A Letter from Our Acting Chair and Executive Director
6/28/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: June 2017
4/28/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: April 2017
2/3/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: February 2017

NOAA State of the Climate updates
10/14/19, September 2019 National Climate Report
10/14/19, September 2019 Synoptic Discussion
10/14/19, September 2019 Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
10/14/19, September 2019 Tornadoes
10/14/19, September 2019 Drought
10/14/19, September 2019 Wildfires
10/14/19, August 2019 Global Climate Report
10/14/19, August 2019 Regional Analysis
10/14/19, August 2019 Global Snow and Ice
10/14/19, August 2019 Upper Air

The Guardian
10/13/19, Divestment works – and one huge bank can lead the way | Bill McKibben
10/12/19, Climate rebels open new fronts across capital as protests escalate
10/12/19, New evidence shows how asteroid dust cloud may have sparked new life on Earth 470m years ago
10/11/19, 'If they don't do it, we will': Greta Thunberg rallies climate strikers for long haul
10/11/19, The Guardian view on the polluters: days of reckoning | Editorial
10/11/19, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's passionate speech on climate change – video
10/11/19, This must be the climate crisis election | Ed Miliband
10/11/19, 'Ultimate gift to future generations': plan to laser map all land on Earth
10/11/19, Revealed: Google made large contributions to climate change deniers
10/11/19, The obscure law that explains why Google backs climate deniers
10/10/19, Prosaic but practical: unsexy ways cities can fight the climate crisis – in pictures
10/10/19, How vested interests tried to turn the world against climate science
10/10/19, Revealed: top UK thinktank spent decades undermining climate science
10/10/19, The climate crisis in 2050: what happens if cities act but nations don't?
10/9/19, The big polluters’ masterstroke was to blame the climate crisis on you and me | George Monbiot
10/9/19, Half a century of dither and denial – a climate crisis timeline
10/9/19, Revealed: the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions
10/9/19, It’s time to rein in the fossil fuel giants before their greed chokes the planet | Richard Heede
10/8/19, What we eat matters: to change climate crisis, we need to reshape the food system | Jess Fanzo and Mario Herrero
10/7/19, How extreme sea level events are going to increase in Australia

Inside Climate News
10/12/19, Youth climate movement ramps up, meltdown in the mountains, and why the BLM moves matter for climate change