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1/27/20, Indigenous lands, protected areas limit Amazon’s carbon emissions
1/27/20, IMO under pressure to regulate new ship fuels over Arctic warming
1/24/20, ‘Trundling over to Africa’ – Climate Weekly
1/23/20, Oslo court backs Arctic oil exploration in defeat for environmentalists
1/22/20, UK must cut land use emissions by two thirds to meet 2050 goal, advisers warn
1/21/20, Trump criticises ‘prophets of doom’ in Davos and touts fossil fuels
1/21/20, Thunberg says only ‘eight years left’ to avert 1.5°C warming
1/20/20, UK to stop funding coal abroad but will help Africa with oil, gas
1/20/20, 2020 may be ‘last opportunity’ to limit warming to 1.5°C
1/20/20, Erosion crisis swallows homes and livelihoods in Nigeria
1/17/20, The Davos effect – Climate Weekly
1/17/20, Australia’s climate change polarisation hampers long-term bushfire fixes
1/17/20, Germany agrees pay-out to states and companies in coal phase-out deal
1/15/20, EU reveals climate fund details as critics worry cash won’t be enough
1/15/20, Cop25 president Carolina Schmidt blames big emitters for low-ambition climate talks
1/15/20, Climate change tops risks for world in 2020 – Davos report
1/14/20, China-backed coal plants on EU’s doorstep hide huge carbon costs 
1/13/20, UN outlines 2030 goals to save planet’s biodiversity
1/10/20, Australia on fire – Climate Weekly
1/9/20, We won’t let Germany build a new coal power plant

Yale Environment 360
1/24/20, World Consumes 100 Billion Tons of Materials Every Year, Report Finds
1/24/20, Scientists Pinpoint Sites Key for the Protection of Loggerhead Turtles
1/23/20, As Climate Risks Worsen, U.S. Flood Buyouts Fail to Meet the Need
1/21/20, Climate Refugees In Imminent Danger Cannot Be Deported Home, Rights Committee Rules
1/21/20, How Thawing Permafrost Is Beginning to Transform the Arctic
1/16/20, Study Finds Link Between Deadly Heatwave Exposure and Redlining Housing Policies
1/16/20, Long Shaped By Fire, Australia Enters a Perilous New Era
1/15/20, 2019 Was the Second-Hottest Year on Record
1/14/20, UN Calls on Nations to Protect 30 Percent of Planet
1/14/20, Native Species or Invasive? The Distinction Blurs as the World Warms
1/9/20, Ecopsychology: How Immersion in Nature Benefits Your Health
1/8/20, 1 Billion Animals Estimated Dead in Australian Wildfires
1/7/20, Wild Roots: On a Vermont Farm, Renewal for a Man and His Land
1/7/20, Song of the Western Ghats: A Green Island in a Crowded Land
1/7/20, A River Worth Saving: Who Will Protect the Unheralded Llano?
1/6/20, Shuttering of U.S. Coal Plants Saved More than 26,000 Lives Over the Past Decade, Study Finds
1/2/20, Nepal’s Road-Building Spree Pushes into the Heart of the Himalayas
12/31/19, Scientists Find the World’s Oldest Known Forest, Dating Back 386 Million Years
12/30/19, Regrowth of Logged Amazon Forests is Much Slower than Previously Thought
12/27/19, Inspired by the Tissues of Living Organisms, Researchers Take One Step Closer to Harvesting “Blue Energy”

U.S. Global Change Research Program
11/22/19, USGCRP at the AGU 2019 Fall Meeting
8/9/19, Remembering Tony Janetos
11/20/18, On the release of NCA4 Volume II and SOCCR2: A letter from the Acting Chair of the Subcommittee on Global Change Research and our Executive Director
7/23/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: July 2018
5/4/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: May 2018
10/30/17, A Letter from Our Acting Chair and Executive Director
6/28/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: June 2017
4/28/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: April 2017
2/3/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: February 2017
1/5/17, Providing the Foundation for the National Climate Assessment

NOAA State of the Climate updates
1/27/20, December 2019 National Climate Report
1/27/20, December 2019 Global Climate Report
1/27/20, December 2019 Regional Analysis
1/27/20, December 2019 Synoptic Discussion
1/27/20, December 2019 National Snow and Ice
1/27/20, December 2019 Drought
1/27/20, December 2019 Wildfires
1/27/20, December 2019 Upper Air
1/27/20, December 2019 Global Snow and Ice
1/27/20, November 2019 Tornadoes

The Guardian
1/27/20, The World Bank Group is committed to climate action and reducing poverty | Letter
1/27/20, 'Chuffed to be chosen': participants attend first UK climate assembly
1/27/20, English councils set to miss carbon emission targets
1/25/20, The week in podcasts and radio: Drilled; Discovery – Ecological Grief
1/25/20, Australian government adviser urges threatened species overhaul after bushfires
1/25/20, Ugandan climate activist questions being cropped from photo – video
1/24/20, We can’t trust the billionaires of Davos to solve a climate crisis they created | Payal Parekh
1/24/20, Frequency of intense floods and storms could double in 13 years, says study
1/23/20, Firefighters battle south coast blaze into the night – in pictures
1/23/20, Doomsday clock lurches to 100 seconds to midnight – closest to catastrophe yet
1/22/20, Wildfires show us how the climate emergency is already affecting Europe | Imogen West-Knights
1/21/20, UK climate scientist corrects Australian MP Craig Kelly's 'blatant misrepresentation'
1/21/20, Former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull says Trump is the world's 'leading climate denier'
1/21/20, No one job is worth saving at the expense of climate catastrophe. Not even Scott Morrison's | Richard Denniss
1/21/20, Study finds shock rise in levels of potent greenhouse gas
1/20/20, Is the environmental movement ageist? | Letters
1/20/20, Nadia Whittome, Britain’s youngest MP, on race, Rees-Mogg – and taking a massive pay cut
1/19/20, I tried to warn Scott Morrison about the bushfire disaster. Adapting to climate change isn’t enough | Greg Mullins
1/19/20, Put the needs of the planet before Flybe | Letters
1/18/20, Reporting on the Australian fires: 'It has been heartbreaking'

Inside Climate News
1/27/20, Today's Climate - Caught Off Guard: The Southeast Struggles with Climate Change
1/27/20, Caught Off Guard: The Southeast Struggles with Climate Change
1/25/20, With Pubic Attitudes and Increasing Evidence of Plastic’s Harm, Why is the Industry Still Thriving?