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2/3/23, Cables become cool – Climate Weekly
2/3/23, Colombia gets $70m from new global renewable integration fund
2/2/23, Coal communities fear South Africa’s clean energy transition
2/1/23, India announces $4.3 billion investment in clean energy
2/1/23, France seeks EU loophole for French Guiana to power space sector with biofuels
1/31/23, Taiwan’s failure to clean up industry endangers its net zero pledge
1/31/23, DR Congo delays rainforest oil auctions
1/30/23, EU plans restrictions on climate-wrecking fishing method
1/27/23, No pay, no say – Climate Weekly
1/27/23, Azerbaijan weaponises conservation law in conflict with Armenia
1/26/23, Africa objects to US chairing UN climate fund, citing unpaid $2bn
1/25/23, Despite killer floods, Nigerian presidential frontrunners dismiss climate change
1/24/23, Portugal agrees to swap Cape Verde’s debt for environmental investment
1/23/23, WoodMac wins: The consultancy giving cover to fossil fuel projects
1/20/23, When adaptation goes wrong – Climate Weekly
1/20/23, Brazil launches first raids against Amazon tree-cutters under Lula’s new government
1/19/23, Airlines plot fight-back against France’s short-haul flights ban
1/18/23, Mexico plans to ban solar geoengineering after rogue experiment
1/17/23, Italy’s climate envoy resigns, leaving diplomacy in doubt
1/17/23, World Bank adaptation funds slept through Pakistan’s record flooding
1/16/23, Thunberg joins protest against German coal mine expansion
1/16/23, In Davos, activists warn against climate inaction and greenwashing
1/13/23, A pragmatic request – Climate weekly
1/12/23, UAE puts oil company boss in charge of Cop28 climate talks
1/12/23, Sinking town exposes perils of Himalayan hydropower
1/11/23, Brazil bids to bring Cop30 climate talks to Amazon’s Belem
1/11/23, Eskom poisoning raises fears for South Africa’s energy transition
1/10/23, Hurricanes and floods bring $120bn in insurance losses in 2022
1/9/23, Donors pledge over $8bn to rebuild Pakistan after floods – official
1/6/23, Deceptively mild – Climate weekly
1/6/23, Thirteen critical questions for international climate action in 2023
1/5/23, World Bank moots stronger strategic focus on climate action
1/4/23, German CO2 cuts stall as coal, oil use cancel out renewable gains
1/4/23, Lula revives $1 billion Amazon Fund and environmental protections
12/21/22, Russia’s invasion & Pakistan’s floods defined 2022 in climate
12/21/22, Breakthrough for nature protection – Climate Weekly
12/21/22, Cost of a KitKat: Big brands leave sugar farmers at the mercy of climate extremes
12/20/22, Momentum grows towards 2050 zero carbon shipping target
12/20/22, ‘Kunming-Montreal’ deal sets up new fund for biodiversity by 2023
12/20/22, India’s female cane cutters face child marriage and hysterectomy

Yale Environment 360
2/2/23, How Illegal Mining Caused a Humanitarian Crisis in the Amazon
2/1/23, Microplastics Are Filling the Skies. Will They Affect the Climate?
1/31/23, Cold Water Fish Can Adapt to Climate Change by Breeding With Warm Water Relatives
1/30/23, In Brazil, Forests Returned to Indigenous Hands See Recovery, Study Finds
1/27/23, Clean Energy Saw as Much Investment as Fossil Fuels for the First Time in 2022
1/26/23, Temperatures Drop in Chinese Cities as Streets Empty for Lunar New Year
1/25/23, Portugal to Redirect Cape Verde Debt Payments to New Climate Fund
1/24/23, Silencing Science: How Indonesia Is Censoring Wildlife Research
1/23/23, British Columbia First Nations Strike Landmark Deals Governing Development on Their Ancestral Lands
1/20/23, Climate Misinformation Has Proliferated on Twitter Since Musk's Takeover
1/19/23, In Europe’s Clean Energy Transition, Industry Turns to Heat Pumps
1/18/23, Growing Dust from Desert Wind Storms Has Curbed Warming, Study Finds
1/17/23, Indigenous Lands Among the Amazon's Last Carbon Sinks
1/13/23, Finland Nearly Doubled Its Wind Power Capacity Last Year
1/12/23, Amazon Under Fire: The Long Struggle Against Brazil’s Land Barons
1/11/23, Seven in 10 U.S. Drivers Could Halve Their Fuel Costs by Going Electric, Study Finds
1/10/23, After Comeback, Southern Iraq’s Marshes Are Now Drying Up
1/9/23, Insect Loss Stunting Fruit and Vegetable Production, Leading to More Than 400,000 Early Deaths a Year
1/6/23, New York City Greenery Absorbing All Traffic Emissions on Many Summer Days
1/5/23, Florida Neighborhoods Are Gentrifying in the Wake of Hurricanes, Study Finds

U.S. Global Change Research Program
11/10/22, USGCRP at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2022
11/9/22, USGCRP hosting free webinars in support of National Climate Assessment
3/8/22, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: March 2022
8/16/21, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: August 2021
7/13/21, USGCRP Welcomes Allison Crimmins as Director of the Fifth National Climate Assessment
5/27/21, Dr. Mike Kuperberg Returns as USGCRP Executive Director
1/25/21, Updates on NCA5
1/25/21, NASA/JPL Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Satellite Launched
8/7/20, Remembering Dr. Mike Freilich
8/9/19, Remembering Tony Janetos

NOAA State of the Climate updates

The Guardian
2/2/23, Novelist Tom Bullough on his XR arrest – and what Welsh saints can teach us about the climate crisis
2/1/23, Will Steffen fought passionately for our planet. To honour him we must follow his lead | Penny Sackett
1/31/23, Australia’s new $528m icebreaker research vessel Nuyina suffers another setback
1/30/23, Earth is on track to exceed 1.5C warming in the next decade, study using AI finds
1/18/23, Environmental justice targets needed to cut global inequality, say researchers
1/18/23, UN's Guterres: oil companies have peddled 'big lie' on climate crisis – video
1/16/23, Warning of unprecedented heatwaves as El Niño set to return in 2023
1/14/23, Australian Antarctic division set to drill for oldest ice on record after 19-day journey – video
1/14/23, Time tunnel: why an Australian expedition is drilling through 2.6km of Antarctic ice
1/12/23, How did we save the ozone layer?
1/11/23, Self-driving sleds? Australian scientists look to robots to delve deeper into Antarctica
1/5/23, The Guardian view on Europe’s heatwave: the door is closing – but there is a way out | Editorial
1/5/23, UK’s record hot 2022 made 160 times more likely by climate crisis
12/31/22, Australian team sets off on Antarctica mission to drill for ‘oldest ice core ever obtained’
12/30/22, ‘So the next step is space, right?’: Australia’s first female astronaut on the year she realised limits don’t exist
12/27/22, Country diary: An ocean of cloud obscures the valley and villages | Carey Davies
12/25/22, Can geoengineering fix the climate? Hundreds of scientists say not so fast
12/20/22, Global temperatures in 2023 set to be among hottest on record
12/12/22, Citizen Nobel review – chemistry prize winner becomes charismatic climate crusader
12/9/22, What archaeologists discovered about climate change in prehistoric England

Inside Climate News
2/4/23, 99% of US Coal Plants are More Expensive to Run Than to Replace with Renewables