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12/3/21, A rush to mine the deep ocean has environmentalists worried
12/3/21, Aussie minister runs scared of climate experts – Climate Weekly
12/2/21, UK needs to deliver on climate, not set higher 2030 target, say advisers
12/1/21, China ‘trumps’ the west by pledging larger share of IMF relief to African nations
12/1/21, ‘Subversion and treason’: Australian minister attacks independent climate body
11/30/21, As Delhi chokes, India’s supreme court is grappling with the air pollution crisis
11/29/21, UN shipping body agrees voluntary measures to cut black carbon in the Arctic
11/29/21, Australia to expand gas industry under Morrison infrastructure plan
11/26/21, Kenyan forest communities sidelined as government misses two billion tree target
11/26/21, Who pays for the inescapable coal phasedown? – Climate Weekly
11/25/21, Morocco accused of “greenwashing occupation” of Western Sahara
11/25/21, Germany to quit coal by 2030 under coalition agreement, aiming for 1.5C path
11/24/21, India ‘cannot escape’ coal phasedown, top coal ministry official says
11/24/21, UN shipping body considers zero emissions goal, defers decision to 2023
11/23/21, EU’s reformed agricultural policy fails its climate goals, say green groups
11/22/21, Why I am calling on EU lawmakers to put climate at the heart of agricultural policy
11/22/21, Nigeria commits to annual carbon budgets to reach net zero under climate law
11/22/21, After Cop26, countries must turn climate promises into action on global shipping
11/19/21, The street and the boardroom are closer than they have ever been on climate
11/19/21, Unpacking the Glasgow outcome – Climate Weekly

Yale Environment 360
12/3/21, Landmark Ruling Blocks Mining in Ecuadorian Forest, Citing Rights of Nature
12/2/21, U.S. Is World’s Top Generator of Plastic Waste
12/1/21, Why the Luster on Once-Vaunted 'Smart Cities' Is Fading
11/30/21, Emissions Fall in China, Rise in Europe Amid Covid Recovery
11/29/21, Nissan to Spend $18 Billion Developing a Cheaper, More Powerful EV Battery
11/24/21, No country has met welfare goals in past 30 years ‘without putting planet at risk’
11/22/21, Former Coal Plant Site Being Transformed Into a '15-Minute City'
11/22/21, Why Putting Solar Canopies on Parking Lots Is a Smart Green Move
11/19/21, New Study Shows Which Places Must Be Protected to Stave Off Catastrophic Climate Change
11/18/21, How to Repair the World’s Broken Carbon Offset Markets
11/17/21, Young Filipino Entrepreneur Looks to Build Southeast Asia's Biggest Solar Plant
11/16/21, Armadillos Advance Northward As Temperatures Rise
11/15/21, Glasgow Disappointed, But It Inched the World Forward on Climate
11/13/21, UN Climate Agreement Is Reached, But Crucial Issues Remain Unresolved
11/13/21, Major UN Climate Pact Is Reached, But Deal Does Not Put World on Target
11/12/21, As Glasgow Deadline Looms, Key Disputes Hold Up a Climate Agreement
11/11/21, An Ambitious U.S.-China Statement Galvanizes the Glasgow Summit
11/11/21, Why Climate Change Could Put New Conservation Areas in Jeopardy
11/10/21, Proposed Glasgow Accord Calls for Tougher Targets, Phasing Out Coal, and Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies
11/10/21, Water War: Is Big Agriculture Killing Brazil’s Traditional Farms?

U.S. Global Change Research Program
8/16/21, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: August 2021
7/13/21, USGCRP Welcomes Allison Crimmins as Director of the Fifth National Climate Assessment
5/27/21, Dr. Mike Kuperberg Returns as USGCRP Executive Director
1/25/21, Updates on NCA5
1/25/21, NASA/JPL Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Satellite Launched
8/7/20, Remembering Dr. Mike Freilich
8/9/19, Remembering Tony Janetos
11/20/18, On the release of NCA4 Volume II and SOCCR2: A letter from the Acting Chair of the Subcommittee on Global Change Research and our Executive Director
7/23/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: July 2018
5/4/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: May 2018

NOAA State of the Climate updates
12/6/21, October 2021 National Climate Report
12/6/21, October 2021 Global Climate Report
12/6/21, October 2021 Regional Analysis
12/6/21, October 2021 National Snow and Ice
12/6/21, October 2021 Tornadoes
12/6/21, October 2021 Global Snow and Ice
12/6/21, October 2021 Tropical Cyclones
12/6/21, October 2021 Upper Air
12/6/21, October 2021 Wildfires
12/6/21, October 2021 Synoptic Discussion

The Guardian
12/2/21, Climate cost study authors accuse Bjørn Lomborg of misinterpreting results | Temperature Check
12/1/21, Poverty, not climate breakdown, caused Madagascar’s food crisis, finds study
11/11/21, ‘We are not on course’: scientists warn action must match words at Cop26
11/10/21, Leading climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe: ‘You have the ability to use your voice’
11/7/21, Jobs at risk without boost in research investment, peak body warns after Scott Morrison praises scientists
11/6/21, ‘Dangerous blindspot’: why overlooking blue carbon could sink us
11/5/21, Cop26: are we finally saying goodbye to coal?
11/4/21, Climate depression is real. And it is spreading fast among our youth | Peter Kalmus
11/3/21, Europe’s record summer ‘impossible’ without global heating
11/2/21, Fiddling with plastics while the planet burns | Letters
11/2/21, Geert Jan van Oldenborgh obituary
11/1/21, The big idea: Is democracy up to the task of climate change?
10/31/21, We’re in uncharted territory for the world’s climate, UN says
10/31/21, Saving Us by Katharine Hayhoe review – across the climate crisis divide
10/31/21, Cop26: Boris Johnson talks the talk but can he really deliver a climate deal?
10/30/21, Prof Peter Stott: ‘Denialists question the cost of climate action … doing nothing costs far more’
10/30/21, Capitalism is killing the planet – it’s time to stop buying into our own destruction | George Monbiot
10/29/21, Cop26: Humanity 5-1 down at half-time on climate crisis, says Johnson
10/28/21, For humanity to survive, we must make Australia's politicians feel our fear and rage | Peter Garrett and Paul Gilding
10/28/21, Could planting a trillion trees help stop global heating? This man thinks so

Inside Climate News
12/5/21, A Life’s Work Bearing Witness to Humanity’s Impact on the Planet
12/4/21, Can a Massive Polluter Have a Role in the Green Economy?