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6/9/23, Bonn’s battles – Climate Weekly
6/9/23, Republicans’ anti-ESG attack may be silencing insurers, but it isn’t changing their pro-climate business decisions
6/8/23, Rich world’s leaders fail to commit to Paris global financing summit
6/8/23, World Bank set to take on risk of insuring carbon credits amid market upheaval
6/7/23, Confusion surrounds China’s pledged climate finance towards the Global South 
6/6/23, Bitter conflicts stop Eastern Europe from choosing next year’s Cop host
6/6/23, Turkiye joins Australia in race to host Cop31 climate talks
6/6/23, Fake social media profiles wage “organised” propaganda campaign on Cop28
6/5/23, Bonn talks offer opportunity to bridge the adaptation gap
6/5/23, Colombia accuses Drummond coal mining exec of funding paramilitary group
6/2/23, “Green” funds destroy Indonesia’s forests – Climate Weekly
6/1/23, How a local victory against petrochemicals can spur global action on plastics
6/1/23, “Green” finance bankrolls forest destruction in Indonesia
5/31/23, Row over veto powers holds up Paris plastic treaty talks
5/31/23, FSC’s rehab scheme for forest destroyers under fire after fresh allegations
5/30/23, Climate movement must switch on to UAE threat
5/30/23, Amazon gateway city Belém will host Cop30 climate talks
5/26/23, Drought victims let down – Climate Weekly
5/26/23, Japan joins anti-plastic coalition ahead of Paris treaty talks, leaving US isolated
5/26/23, Governments fall short in UN’s East Africa drought appeal
5/25/23, UN advises against offsets for carbon removal technologies
5/25/23, World Bank body delays vote on controversial loan to Brazilian dairy firm
5/24/23, UK sued over plan to import more polluting Australian beef
5/24/23, Climate Home News is hiring! Apply to be our Audience Engagement Editor
5/24/23, Restrictions on energy firm’s borrowing complicates South Africa’s energy transition
5/23/23, Verra boss steps down after criticism of its carbon credits
5/23/23, Lula set to improve Brazil’s climate target
5/22/23, G7 calls on all countries to reach net zero by 2050
5/22/23, Rich nations “understanding” of South African delay to coal plant closures
5/19/23, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Climate Weekly
5/19/23, Study: Fossil fuel firms owe $209bn a year for climate damage
5/19/23, Regulator blocks Brazilian oil drilling, sparking conflict within government
5/18/23, UAE appoints fossil fuels execs and climate campaigners as Cop28 advisers
5/18/23, Top German energy official resigns after favoritism allegations
5/18/23, G7 leaders must fulfil their promise to stop funding fossil fuels
5/17/23, Regulators crack down on corporate carbon neutrality claims
5/17/23, France proposes tax credits for green technology
5/16/23, UAE invites Syria’s Assad to Cop28 in latest rehabilitation push
5/16/23, US backs Indonesian oil refinery despite pledge to end fossil fuel finance
5/15/23, Vietnamese anti-coal campaigner freed early from prison

Yale Environment 360
6/9/23, Satellite Images Show Spread of Wildfire Smoke Across Eastern U.S.
6/8/23, How Warming Ruined a Crab Fishery and Hurt an Alaskan Town
6/7/23, Destruction of Ukraine's Kakhovka Dam Has Decimated Wildlife
6/6/23, Beyond the Yuck Factor: Cities Turn to ‘Extreme’ Water Recycling
6/5/23, Wealthy Nations Overstating Climate Aid, Report Finds
6/2/23, Youth Climate Lawsuit Against Federal Government Headed for Trial
6/1/23, As Plastics Keep Piling Up, Can ‘Advanced’ Recycling Cut the Waste?
5/31/23, Scientists Identify Bacteria That Can Break Down 'Forever Chemicals'
5/30/23, Shanghai Sees Hottest May Weather on Record
5/26/23, Antarctic Ocean Circulation Has Slowed Dramatically, Research Shows
5/25/23, Are Sea Cucumbers a Cleanup Solution to Fish Farm Pollution?
5/24/23, Among Some Fish, Heat Stress May Be Contagious, Study Finds
5/23/23, Beyond Factory Farms: A New Look at the Rights of Animals
5/22/23, As Peak Oil Looms, Exxon Wades into Lithium Mining
5/19/23, New York City Sinking Under Weight of Skyscrapers
5/18/23, The Upper Atmosphere Is Cooling, Prompting New Climate Concerns
5/17/23, April Heat Wave in South Asia Made 30 Times More Likely by Climate Change
5/16/23, Biggest Fossil Fuel Firms Responsible for a Third of Western Forests Burned, Study Finds
5/12/23, Amazon Deforestation Down 40 Percent So Far This Year
5/11/23, As Ocean Oxygen Levels Dip, Fish Face an Uncertain Future

U.S. Global Change Research Program
4/24/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Julian Reyes as Deputy Director for Services
3/27/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Phillip Levin as Director of National Nature Assessment
2/9/23, Department of Homeland Security Becomes 14th Member of USGCRP
11/10/22, USGCRP at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2022
11/9/22, USGCRP hosting free webinars in support of National Climate Assessment
3/8/22, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: March 2022
8/16/21, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: August 2021
7/13/21, USGCRP Welcomes Allison Crimmins as Director of the Fifth National Climate Assessment
5/27/21, Dr. Mike Kuperberg Returns as USGCRP Executive Director
1/25/21, Updates on NCA5

NOAA State of the Climate updates

The Guardian
5/29/23, ‘It’s ridiculously antiquated’: could robot boats transform ocean science?
5/29/23, Starwatch: Why ‘night shine’ clouds at edge of space may be product of pollution
5/14/23, Climate crisis deniers target scientists for vicious abuse on Musk’s Twitter
5/6/23, Climate scientists first laughed at a ‘bizarre’ campaign against the BoM – then came the harassment
5/5/23, April Mediterranean heatwave ‘almost impossible’ without climate crisis
4/25/23, Carbon dioxide removal: the tech that is polarising climate science
4/17/23, Protesters urge caution over St Ives climate trial amid chemical plans for bay
4/12/23, From the archive – The sound of icebergs melting: my journey into the Antarctic – podcast
4/9/23, Five Times Faster by Simon Sharpe review – a radical but realistic path to net zero emissions
4/4/23, ‘Tornado alley’ is shifting farther into the US east, climate scientists warn
4/2/23, British cows could be given ‘methane blockers’ to cut climate emissions
3/29/23, Melting Antarctic ice predicted to cause rapid slowdown of deep ocean current by 2050
3/20/23, World can still avoid worst of climate collapse with genuine change, IPCC says
3/20/23, From climate change ‘certainty’ to rapid decline: a timeline of IPCC reports
3/18/23, Aviation chiefs rejected measures to curb climate impact of jet vapours
3/15/23, Russell Brand is the latest to platform climate conservative Bjørn Lomborg’s ‘reckless’ net-zero cost claims | Temperature Check
3/10/23, From the archive: The real David Attenborough – podcast
2/28/23, Before the floods I thought climate change wasn’t my problem. Now, I’m not waiting for someone else to fix it | Ella Buckland
2/27/23, The big idea: why you can’t leave climate out of history
2/17/23, From the archive: Snow machines and fleece blankets: inside the ski industry’s battle with climate change – podcast

Inside Climate News
6/9/23, Your Smokepocalypse Guide
6/9/23, Department of Agriculture Conservation Programs Are Giving Millions to Farms That Worsen Climate Change
6/8/23, It’s the Features, Stupid: EV Market Share Is Growing Because the Vehicles Keep Getting Better
6/8/23, It’s the Features, Stupid: EV Market Share Is Growing Because the Vehicles Keep Getting Better
6/7/23, Mining Critical to Renewable Energy Tied to Hundreds of Alleged Human Rights Abuses
6/6/23, Puerto Rico’s Life-Threatening Heat
6/6/23, Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells Emit Carcinogens and Other Harmful Pollutants, Groundbreaking Study Shows
6/5/23, This Texas Community Has Waited Decades for Running Water. Could Hydro-Panels Help?
6/4/23, Log and Burn, or Leave Alone? Indiana Residents Fight US Forest Service Over the Future of Hoosier National Forest
6/3/23, EPA Spurns Trump-Era Effort to Drop Clean-Air Protections For Plastic Waste Recycling

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