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2/26/21, Further delay feared as ‘like-minded’ countries resist online climate negotiations
2/26/21, The stakes for Cop26 couldn’t be higher – Climate Weekly
2/26/21, China, US urged to step up as UN warns world ‘very far’ from meeting climate goals
2/25/21, Bangladesh scraps nine coal power plants as overseas finance dries up
2/24/21, Fragile countries call for investment in rooftop solar to expand energy access
2/24/21, “Science-based” corporate climate targets are no such thing, says former advisor
2/23/21, Hit by hurricanes and Covid, more Central Americans go hungry and plan to migrate
2/22/21, EU spent €440 million on failed gas projects since 2013, study finds
2/19/21, Mauritius oil spill: questions mount over ship fuel safety
2/19/21, Cleaning up the Congo – Climate Weekly
2/19/21, Concerns raised about Green Climate Fund flood defence project in Samoa
2/19/21, As US formally rejoins the Paris Agreement, eyes turn to 2030 emissions goal
2/18/21, Under diplomatic pressure, India considers net zero – but major hurdles remain
2/17/21, DR Congo campaigners take minister to court over illegal logging rights claims
2/17/21, Italy creates ecological transition ministry but campaigners warn against gas support
2/17/21, EU member states divided over green reforms of energy investment treaty
2/16/21, Climate leaders welcome reforming WTO chief, as carbon trade wars loom
2/12/21, Angola’s oil dependency thwarts its exit from the group of poorest nations
2/12/21, Time for negotiators to embrace Zoom – Climate Weekly
2/11/21, China’s energy agency floats increase in 2030 renewables target

Yale Environment 360
2/24/21, Brazil Has Weakened Dozens of Environmental Laws During the Pandemic
2/24/21, On U.S. East Coast, Has Offshore Wind’s Moment Finally Arrived?
2/22/21, Noise Pollution Impacting Marine Animals Worse Than Previously Thought
2/18/21, One-Third of Farmland in the U.S. Corn Belt Has Lost Its Topsoil
2/18/21, Why Drilling the Arctic Refuge Will Release a Double Dose of Carbon
2/16/21, An Illicit Trade in Brazil Is Sending Tiny Songbirds to Their Deaths
2/15/21, Submarine Permafrost Has Been Overlooked as a Major Source of Greenhouse Gases, Scientists Warn
2/11/21, Shell Plans to Expand Natural Gas Business Despite Climate Pledge
2/11/21, How Paving with Plastic Could Make a Dent in the Global Waste Problem
2/9/21, As Plastic Pollution in Rivers Gets Worse, Species Are Increasingly Living on Litter
2/9/21, Assisting Evolution: How Far Should We Go to Help Species Adapt?
2/5/21, Denmark Is Building an Artificial Island as a Clean Energy Hub
2/4/21, California’s Rainy Season Now Starts a Month Later Than It Used To
2/3/21, Water Warning: The Looming Threat of the World’s Aging Dams
1/29/21, Major European Lenders Back Out of Oil Trade in Ecuadorian Amazon
1/28/21, World Losing Ice 57 Percent Faster Than In the 1990s, Study Finds
1/28/21, In a Refinery’s Ashes, Hope for an End to Decades of Pollution
1/27/21, Tens of Millions of Birds Pass Through Just Two Western U.S. Corridors
1/27/21, Avoiding a 'Ghastly Future': Hard Truths on the State of the Planet
1/21/21, A New Way to Track Endangered Wildlife Populations from Space

U.S. Global Change Research Program
1/25/21, Updates on NCA5
1/25/21, NASA/JPL Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Satellite Launched November 21, 2020
1/25/21, National Council for Science and the Environment Drawdown 2021 Conference
1/25/21, American Meteorological Society 101st Annual Meeting
1/25/21, North American Carbon Program 7th Open Science Meeting
1/25/21, American Geophysical Union 2020 Fall Meeting
8/7/20, Remembering Dr. Mike Freilich
11/22/19, USGCRP at the AGU 2019 Fall Meeting
8/9/19, Remembering Tony Janetos
11/20/18, On the release of NCA4 Volume II and SOCCR2: A letter from the Acting Chair of the Subcommittee on Global Change Research and our Executive Director

NOAA State of the Climate updates
2/27/21, January 2021 National Climate Report
2/27/21, January 2021 Global Climate Report
2/27/21, January 2021 Regional Analysis
2/27/21, January 2021 Upper Air
2/27/21, January 2021 Tropical Cyclones
2/27/21, January 2021 Global Snow and Ice
2/27/21, January 2021 Synoptic Discussion
2/27/21, January 2021 Tornadoes
2/27/21, January 2021 National Snow and Ice
2/27/21, January 2021 Drought

The Guardian
2/26/21, Changes in Atlantic currents may have dire climate implications for the next century | Andrew Meijers
2/26/21, Atlantic Ocean circulation at weakest in a millennium, say scientists
2/25/21, A practical guide to tackling the climate crisis – podcast
2/24/21, Arctic ice loss forces polar bears to use four times as much energy to survive – study
2/24/21, To stop climate disaster, make ecocide an international crime. It's the only way | Jojo Mehta and Julia Jackson
2/23/21, Kiribati and China to develop former climate-refuge land in Fiji
2/23/21, Climate crisis hitting 'worst case scenarios', warns Environment Agency
2/18/21, Facebook announces UK trial to tackle climate misinformation
2/17/21, Million-year-old mammoth genomes set record for ancient DNA
2/17/21, Heating Arctic may be to blame for snowstorms in Texas, scientists argue
2/16/21, The Guardian view on Germany's Greens: opportunity knocks | Editorial
2/15/21, Bill Gates: ‘Carbon neutrality in a decade is a fairytale. Why peddle fantasies?’
2/14/21, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates; The New Climate War by Michael E Mann – review
2/12/21, 'Colder and deeper’: Scientists close in on spot to drill Antarctic ice core 1.5m years old
2/9/21, Climate crisis pushing great white sharks into new waters
2/8/21, Balloon test flight plan under fire over solar geoengineering fears
2/4/21, Top climate scientist warns PM over 'contemptuous' Cumbria coal mine plan
2/3/21, Terrawatch: the adventurous icebergs that trigger ice ages
2/2/21, Sea level rise could be worse than feared, warn researchers
1/31/21, The Guardian view on climate progress: the need for speed | Editorial

Inside Climate News
2/26/21, Today's Climate - Global Action Is ‘Very Far’ From What’s Needed to Avert Climate Chaos
2/26/21, A Clean Energy Milestone: Renewables Pulled Ahead of Coal in 2020
2/25/21, Today's Climate - Haaland, With a Key Vote in Her Column, Appears Headed for Confirmation
2/25/21, The Right and Wrong Lessons from the Texas Crisis
2/25/21, Climate Change is Weakening the Ocean Currents That Shape Weather on Both Sides of the Atlantic
2/24/21, Today's Climate - Top Executives of Texas Power Grid Resign in Aftermath of Deadly Winter Storms
2/24/21, In Attacks on Environmental Advocates in Canada, a Disturbing Echo of Extremist Politics in the US
2/23/21, Today's Climate - U.S. Energy Regulator to Examine Climate Change’s Threat to Power Reliability
2/23/21, As Deaths Surge, Scientists Study the Link Between Climate Change and Avalanches
2/22/21, Today's Climate - Texas Freeze Led to Release of Tons of Air Pollutants as Refineries Shut Production

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