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4/16/21, Climate diplomacy won’t wait – Climate Weekly
4/16/21, Pakistan explores debt-for-nature scheme to accelerate its 10 billion tree tsunami
4/16/21, Interim UN climate talks move online to address negotiation backlog
4/15/21, In Amazon protection talks, US demands action from Bolsonaro
4/14/21, Climate watchers pay tribute to Nicaraguan envoy Paul Oquist, who died on Monday
4/13/21, Joe Biden’s $1.2bn budget for Green Climate Fund falls short of campaigner demands
4/12/21, Total signs deal to build East African oil pipeline, despite lack of finance
4/9/21, Emerging economies share ‘grave concern’ over EU plans for a carbon border tax
4/9/21, Green debt relief in sight – Climate Weekly
4/9/21, Cyclone Seroja kills 160 people, exposes Indonesia’s climate vulnerability
4/8/21, Japan set to raise ambition of 2030 climate goal
4/8/21, Climate vulnerability should be factored into debt relief, says IMF head
4/7/21, Health must be put at the heart of national climate plans
4/6/21, South Africa sets out to tighten 2030 emissions target
4/1/21, A test of trust – Climate Weekly
4/1/21, UK pledges to make scaling up adaptation finance a priority at G7 summit
4/1/21, It took the Suez Canal crisis to highlight the scale of the polluting shipping sector
3/31/21, India calls out rich nations for setting net zero goals over robust short-term targets
3/31/21, Saudi Arabia aims for 50% renewable energy by 2030, backs huge tree planting initiative
3/30/21, EU member states and lawmakers at loggerheads over 2030 climate target

Yale Environment 360
4/15/21, Most Global Food Brands Continue to Have a Dismal Record on Beef and Deforestation
4/15/21, Entries Invited for the Eighth Annual Yale Environment 360 Video Contest
4/14/21, France Will Ban Short Flights That Could Be Replaced By a Train Trip
4/13/21, Why the Market for ‘Blue Carbon’ Credits May Be Poised to Take Off
4/8/21, Are Huge Tree Planting Projects More Hype than Solution?
4/5/21, Births Among Endangered Right Whales Show an Encouraging Rebound
4/1/21, In Europe, a Backlash Is Growing Over Incinerating Garbage
3/31/21, Washington’s Famed Tidal Basin and Cherry Trees Face Rising Waters
3/31/21, The Oil Well Next Door: California’s Silent Health Hazard
3/26/21, Indigenous Lands Contain Nearly Half of the Amazon’s Intact Forest
3/25/21, Why a Big Mining Project Could Wipe Out Rural Villages in Indonesia
3/24/21, Despite Pledges to Cut Emissions, China Goes on a Coal Spree
3/23/21, Cost of Lithium-ion Batteries Has Fallen by 97 Percent, Study Says
3/18/21, UK Is Now Halfway Toward Meeting Its Zero-Carbon Goal by 2050
3/18/21, Stealth Chemicals: A Call to Action on a Threat to Human Fertility
3/15/21, EV Turning Point: Momentum Builds for U.S. Electric Vehicle Transition
3/11/21, In Peru, an Indigenous Group Fights to Protect Land from Drug Traffickers and Deforestation
3/10/21, Summer Could Last Six Months by 2100, Study Finds
3/9/21, Is the ‘Legacy’ Carbon Credit Market a Climate Plus or Just Hype?
3/4/21, Emissions Drop Equivalent to Covid Shutdowns Needed Every Two Years to Limit Warming to 2 Degrees C

U.S. Global Change Research Program
1/25/21, Updates on NCA5
1/25/21, NASA/JPL Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Satellite Launched November 21, 2020
1/25/21, National Council for Science and the Environment Drawdown 2021 Conference
1/25/21, American Meteorological Society 101st Annual Meeting
1/25/21, North American Carbon Program 7th Open Science Meeting
1/25/21, American Geophysical Union 2020 Fall Meeting
8/7/20, Remembering Dr. Mike Freilich
11/22/19, USGCRP at the AGU 2019 Fall Meeting
8/9/19, Remembering Tony Janetos
11/20/18, On the release of NCA4 Volume II and SOCCR2: A letter from the Acting Chair of the Subcommittee on Global Change Research and our Executive Director

NOAA State of the Climate updates
4/16/21, March 2021 National Climate Report
4/16/21, March 2021 Global Climate Report
4/16/21, March 2021 Regional Analysis
4/16/21, March 2021 Wildfires
4/16/21, March 2021 Tornadoes
4/16/21, March 2021 Synoptic Discussion
4/16/21, March 2021 National Snow and Ice
4/16/21, March 2021 Drought
4/16/21, March 2021 Tropical Cyclones
4/16/21, March 2021 Global Snow and Ice

The Guardian
4/13/21, France’s ban on short flights should be a wake-up call for Britain | Leo Murray
4/13/21, Purple revolution: India’s farmers turn to lavender to beat drought
4/12/21, Racked with guilt and grief and climate despair – how do we go on!? | First Dog on the Moon
4/8/21, The Guardian view on peat: keep it in the ground | Editorial
4/8/21, Third of Antarctic ice shelves ‘will collapse amid 4C global heating’
4/8/21, Sea-level rise is creating ‘ghost forests’ on an American coast | Emily Ury
4/6/21, If we want to fight the climate crisis, Sadiq Khan is the only choice for London mayor
3/31/21, The Guardian view on cherry blossom: lessons from fragile, fleeting beauty
3/24/21, Rising risk of wildfires across UK from climate crisis, scientists warn
3/24/21, Scientists need to face both facts and feelings when dealing with the climate crisis | Kimberly Nicholas
3/23/21, Australia's floods: what the disaster tells us about a climate crisis future
3/22/21, Is NSW flooding a year after bushfires yet more evidence of climate change?
3/21/21, Climate fight 'is undermined by social media's toxic reports'
3/20/21, Canadian Conservative party votes not to recognize climate crisis as real
3/20/21, ‘Our biggest challenge? Lack of imagination’: the scientists turning the desert green
3/19/21, Activist dives for global climate strike in first underwater protest for the planet – video
3/16/21, Don't believe hydrogen and nuclear hype – they can’t get us to net zero carbon by 2050 | Jonathon Porritt
3/15/21, Climate crisis: recent European droughts 'worst in 2,000 years'
3/14/21, UK scientists attack 'reckless' Tory cuts to international research
3/9/21, It's unavoidable: we must ban fossil fuels to save our planet. Here's how we do it | Roland Geyer

Inside Climate News
4/16/21, Politicians Are Considering Paying Farmers to Store Carbon. But Some Environmental and Agriculture Groups Say It’s Greenwashing
4/15/21, Today's Climate - Brendan Mallory Confirmed as First Black Leader of White House Environmental Council
4/15/21, The Rooftop Solar Income Gap Is (Slowly) Shrinking
4/15/21, It Was an Old Apple Orchard. Now It Could Be the Future of Clean Hydrogen Energy in Washington State
4/14/21, Today's Climate - The EPA Is Asking a Virgin Islands Refinery for Information on its Spattering of Neighbors With Oil
4/14/21, The EPA Is Asking a Virgin Islands Refinery for Information on its Spattering of Neighbors With Oil
4/13/21, Today's Climate - Biden’s Paris Goal: Pressure Builds for a 50 Percent Greenhouse Gas Cut by 2030
4/13/21, Biden’s Paris Goal: Pressure Builds for a 50 Percent Greenhouse Gas Cut by 2030
4/12/21, Today's Climate - Driven by Industry, More States Are Passing Tough Laws Aimed at Pipeline Protesters
4/12/21, Driven by Industry, More States Are Passing Tough Laws Aimed at Pipeline Protesters

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