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5/17/24, Azerbaijan pursues clean energy to export more ‘god-given’ gas to Europe
5/16/24, Calls for responsible mining fail to stem rights abuses linked to transition minerals
5/15/24, Paris summit unlocks cash for clean cooking in Africa, side-stepping concerns over gas
5/15/24, Days after climate talks, US slaps tariffs on Chinese EVs and solar panels
5/15/24, In Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan’s net zero vision clashes with legacy of war
5/10/24, World Bank tiptoes into fiery debate over meat emissions
5/9/24, UN agrees carbon market safeguards to tackle green land grabs
5/8/24, Road row in protected forest exposes Kenya’s climate conundrum 
5/3/24, Seismic shifts are underway to find finance for loss and damage
5/3/24, Loss and damage board speeds up work to allow countries direct access to funds
5/3/24, Hopes fade for production curbs in new global pact on plastic pollution
5/1/24, How to fix the finance flows that are pushing our planet to the brink
4/30/24, G7 offers tepid response to appeal for “bolder” climate action
4/29/24, ‘More than a number’: Global plastic talks need community experts
4/29/24, Southern Africa drought flags dilemma for loss and damage fund
4/26/24, Indigenous lands feel cruel bite of green energy transition 
4/26/24, Limiting frontline voices in the Loss and Damage Fund is a recipe for disaster
4/25/24, Tensions rise over who will contribute to new climate finance goal
4/25/24, Will blossom of reform bear fruit? Spring Meetings leave too much to do 
4/24/24, Peak COP? UN looks to shrink Baku and Belém climate summits
4/22/24, Argentinian scientists condemn budget cuts ahead of university protest
4/19/24, Global billionaires tax to fight climate change, hunger rises up political agenda
4/18/24, Canadian minister vows to fight attempts to weaken plastic pollution treaty
4/17/24, As donors dither, Indigenous funds seek to decolonise green finance  
4/16/24, Fossil fuel debts are illegitimate and must be cancelled 
4/16/24, World Bank climate funding greens African hotels while fishermen sink
4/12/24, SBTi’s rigid emissions rules don’t reflect business reality
4/11/24, SBTi needs tighter rules on companies’ indirect emissions
4/10/24, UN climate chief calls for “quantum leap in climate finance”
4/10/24, Spring Meetings can jump-start financial reform for food and climate 
4/9/24, Louisiana communities are suffering from Japan-funded LNG exports
4/9/24, European court rules climate inaction by states breaches human rights
4/8/24, Forest carbon accounting allows Guyana to stay net zero while pumping oil
4/5/24, Nigeria’s path to net zero should be fully lined with trees – and fairness
4/4/24, “Two steps forward, two steps back” – Governments off course for forest protection target
4/2/24, Zambia’s fossil-fuel subsidy cuts help climate and kids – but taxi drivers suffer
3/28/24, Cancellation of UN climate weeks removes platform for worst-hit communities
3/27/24, What will it take to protect India’s angry farmers from climate threats?
3/25/24, Expectations mount as loss and damage fund staggers to its feet
3/22/24, Climate leaders, oil bosses pitch alternate energy-transition realities

Yale Environment 360
5/24/24, Warming Brings Early Bloom to Bulgarian Rose Fields
5/23/24, Can a California Oilfield Be Retrofitted to Store Solar Energy?
5/22/24, With Climate Change, Winter Storms Delivered 20 Percent More Rainfall to British Isles
5/21/24, Report Details 'Catastrophic Decline' of Migratory Fish
5/20/24, How an El Niño-Driven Drought Brought Hunger to Southern Africa
5/17/24, Windborne Dust Is Helping the Southern Ocean Soak Up Our Emissions
5/16/24, How a Small Herd of Romanian Bison Is Locking Away Thousands of Tons of Carbon
5/15/24, In Seawater, Researchers See an Untapped Bounty of Critical Metals
5/14/24, Last Summer Was the Hottest in More Than 2,000 Years
5/13/24, In Wet Winter, LA Captured Enough Stormwater to Supply One in Four People
5/10/24, Last Month Europe Got Less Than 25 Percent of Its Power from Coal and Gas
5/9/24, Tracking Illicit Brazilian Beef from the Amazon to Your Burger
5/8/24, In a Dammed and Diked Mekong, a Push to Restore the Flow
5/7/24, Offset Schemes Failing to Benefit Indigenous People, Report Finds
5/6/24, Sound of Whale Song Signals Antarctic Blue Whales May Be Making a Comeback
5/3/24, Attacks on Environmental Journalists Growing Worldwide, UN Report Finds
5/2/24, How One South African Community Stopped Shell Oil in Its Tracks
5/1/24, U.S. Saw Drop in Wind Generation Last Year
4/30/24, Will New Leader End Progress in Saving Indonesia’s Forests?
4/26/24, Climate Change Intensified 2021 Pacific Northwest Heat Wave, Study Finds

U.S. Global Change Research Program
8/18/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Stacy Aguilera-Peterson as Deputy Director for Research
4/24/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Julian Reyes as Deputy Director for Services
3/27/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Phillip Levin as Director of National Nature Assessment
2/9/23, Department of Homeland Security Becomes 14th Member of USGCRP
11/10/22, USGCRP at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2022
11/9/22, USGCRP hosting free webinars in support of National Climate Assessment
3/8/22, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: March 2022
8/16/21, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: August 2021
7/13/21, USGCRP Welcomes Allison Crimmins as Director of the Fifth National Climate Assessment
5/27/21, Dr. Mike Kuperberg Returns as USGCRP Executive Director

NOAA State of the Climate updates

The Guardian
5/20/24, What keeps the world’s top climate scientists up at night? - podcast
5/16/24, What keeps the world’s top climate scientists up at night? – podcast
5/15/24, The fears of top climate scientists: inside the 17 May edition
5/15/24, The 1.5C global heating target was always a dream, but its demise doesn't signal doom for climate action | Bill McKibben
5/10/24, The climate crisis is no laughing matter, no matter what those on Radio 4’s Today programme think | Bill McGuire
5/10/24, ‘I am starting to panic about my child’s future’: climate scientists wary of starting families
5/9/24, What are the most powerful climate actions you can take? The expert view
5/8/24, The Guardian view on the climate emergency: we cannot afford to despair | Editorial
5/8/24, ‘Hopeless and broken’: why the world’s top climate scientists are in despair
5/8/24, World’s top climate scientists expect global heating to blast past 1.5C target
5/8/24, Venezuela loses its last glacier as it shrinks down to an ice field
5/7/24, Methane emissions: Australian cattle industry suggests shift from net zero target to ‘climate neutral’ approach
4/19/24, UN livestock emissions report seriously distorted our work, say experts
4/9/24, Tenth consecutive monthly heat record alarms and confounds climate scientists
4/8/24, US meat lobby delighted at ‘positive’ prospects for industry after Cop28
4/6/24, ‘Simply mind-boggling’: world record temperature jump in Antarctic raises fears of catastrophe
4/3/24, The life and death of Rosa Reichel: the brilliant girl who was swept away
3/29/24, Copernicus online portal offers terrifying view of climate emergency
3/16/24, Scientists divided over whether record heat is acceleration of climate crisis
3/13/24, Total ban on CFCs by Europe: effort to save ozone layer – archive, 1989

Inside Climate News
5/23/24, The Latest From ICN Southwest | May 23, 2024
5/23/24, The Latest From ICN Mountain West | May 23, 2024
5/23/24, The Latest From ICN Midwest | May 23, 2024
5/23/24, Want to See Community Solar Done Right? A Project in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Can Serve as a Model
5/23/24, Want to see community solar done right? A project in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula can serve as a model
5/22/24, The Latest From ICN New York | May 22, 2024
5/22/24, As New York’s Offshore Wind Work Begins, an Environmental Justice Community Is Waiting to See the Benefits
5/21/24, Inside the Audacious Rescue Efforts During Brazil’s Flooding
5/21/24, Significant Environmental and Climate Impacts Are Impinging on Human Rights in Every Country, a New Report Finds
5/20/24, The Latest From ICN Midwest | May 20, 2024

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