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11/30/23, Cop28 bulletin: Welcome to Dubai
11/29/23, How can corporates ‘course correct’ on climate?
11/29/23, Four questions for Cop28 to settle about a global carbon market
11/29/23, Seven things to watch out for in world leader speeches at Cop28
11/29/23, Ten years on from Haiyan, Shell’s intimidation won’t silence me
11/28/23, The Cop28 climate summit must set us free from fossil fuels
11/27/23, Here’s how the oil-rich UAE delivers a Cop28 ‘win’
11/27/23, Leaks reveal how McKinsey drives African climate agenda
11/24/23, We need more humanists in climate campaigning
11/24/23, The ‘inevitable’ fossil fuel fight set to dominate Cop28
11/23/23, Meet the Italian fugitive advising Emirati start-up Blue Carbon
11/22/23, Fearing repression in Dubai, non-binary people stay away from Cop28
11/22/23, In numbers: The state of the climate ahead of Cop28
11/20/23, Slow start for Indonesia’s much-hyped carbon market
11/19/23, Ghana’s flood victims blame government for overflowing dam destruction
11/17/23, Oil, carbon and loss: navigating Cop28 with Climate Home News
11/17/23, OECD: Rich countries ‘likely’ to hit $100bn climate finance goal in 2022
11/16/23, ‘I hug you deep inside my heart’: In memory of Khalil Abu Yahia
11/16/23, EU law pushes foreign oil and gas producers to cut methane
11/16/23, France, Kenya set to launch Cop28 coalition for global taxes to fund climate action
11/15/23, Total is disrespecting graves in East Africa as it pursues pipeline
11/15/23, US and China promise cooperation on renewables and methane
11/15/23, Shades of green hydrogen: EU demand set to transform Namibia
11/13/23, UK aid cuts leave Malawi vulnerable to droughts and cyclones
11/10/23, Australia to accept migrants from climate-hit Tuvalu in security pact
11/9/23, China sets out methane plan, but no reduction target
11/9/23, The US and China’s resurgent climate cooperation is a big deal
11/8/23, Colombia’s big green plans run into headwinds
11/8/23, Talks to boost ‘underfinanced’ climate adaptation split over money
11/7/23, World Bank to initially host loss and damage fund under draft deal
11/6/23, Argentine rewilding debate descends into legal threats
11/6/23, The OECD must take its chance to stop funding oil and gas
11/4/23, Australia’s bid to host climate talks is welcome but must be matched with action
11/3/23, Forests, methane, finance: Where are the Cop26 pledges now?
11/3/23, Avoid our mistake: Don’t let World Bank host loss and damage fund
11/2/23, Indonesia delays coal closure plans after finance row with rich nations
11/2/23, DRC hands gas rights to Canadian start-up that failed criteria
11/1/23, Wars are closing down the window for climate action
10/31/23, Rooftop solar panels offer fragile lifeline to besieged Gazans
10/30/23, Movement mourns ‘driving force for climate justice’ Saleemul Huq

Yale Environment 360
11/29/23, Conservationists Sue to Stop the Planting of Giant Sequoias
11/28/23, Clearing Skies: Opening a New Path on Climate and the Future
11/27/23, World Appears on Track to Triple Renewable Power by 2030
11/21/23, Severe Heat Killed More Than 70,000 in Europe Last Year, Scientists Estimate
11/20/23, After the Storm, Malawi’s Farmers Face a Precarious Future
11/17/23, Climate Plans That Rely Too Much on Carbon Removal Could Breach International Law
11/16/23, Shifting Political Winds Threaten Progress on Europe’s Green Goals
11/15/23, World Making Too Little Progress on Climate — Except on EV Sales, Report Finds
11/14/23, Uncounted Emissions: The Hidden Cost of Fossil Fuel Exports
11/13/23, China Could See Emissions Peak This Year, Analysis Finds
11/10/23, Greenland's Glaciers Melting Twice as Fast as They Were 20 Years Ago
11/9/23, Can 'Immortal' Sequoias Survive the Ravages of Climate Change?
11/8/23, Deforestation in Colombia Down 70 Percent So Far This Year
11/7/23, Ecosystems as Infrastructure: A New Way of Looking at Climate Resilience
11/6/23, After Salmon Deaths, EPA Takes Aim at Toxic Chemical Issuing from Car Tires
11/3/23, The Amount of Mercury in the Atmosphere Has Grown Sevenfold Over Last 500 Years
11/2/23, As Climate Talks Near, Calls Mount for a ‘Phaseout’ of Fossil Fuels
11/1/23, Europe's Liquefied Natural Gas Buildout Collides With Waning Demand
10/31/23, Without Warning: A Lack of Weather Stations Is Costing African Lives
10/30/23, As Oceans Warm, Coral Bleaching Seen at Greater Depths

U.S. Global Change Research Program
8/18/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Stacy Aguilera-Peterson as Deputy Director for Research
4/24/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Julian Reyes as Deputy Director for Services
3/27/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Phillip Levin as Director of National Nature Assessment
2/9/23, Department of Homeland Security Becomes 14th Member of USGCRP
11/10/22, USGCRP at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2022
11/9/22, USGCRP hosting free webinars in support of National Climate Assessment
3/8/22, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: March 2022
8/16/21, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: August 2021
7/13/21, USGCRP Welcomes Allison Crimmins as Director of the Fifth National Climate Assessment
5/27/21, Dr. Mike Kuperberg Returns as USGCRP Executive Director

NOAA State of the Climate updates

The Guardian
11/30/23, The climate crisis explained in 10 charts
11/28/23, Why the Guardian’s climate and nature journalism is needed now more than ever
11/24/23, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg received death threats for his work. He kept fighting anyway – video
11/24/23, East Anglian Fens were covered in yew trees 4,000 years ago, study finds
11/22/23, ‘Hope has to be a strategy’: the scientist who refused to let the climate warmongers win
11/22/23, ‘The antidote to despair is action’: Lesley Hughes on motivation through a climate crisis - video
11/21/23, The climate science is in. So why are the climate scientists down and out? | Fiona Katauskas
11/20/23, Weight of the world part 1: the climate scientists who saw the crisis coming – podcast
11/20/23, 'Frustrating as hell': Graeme Pearman’s climate research should have warned the world - video
11/20/23, ‘Where did I go wrong?’ The scientist who tried to raise the climate alarm
11/19/23, Suck carbon from the air? US facility launches novel climate solution
11/17/23, ‘Like a 40-metre pizza’: the seaweed farms that could feed us all – at a cost
11/12/23, Emmanuel Macron pledges €1bn to fund research into melting ice caps
11/6/23, ‘Everything is parched’: Amazon struggles with drought amid deforestation
11/2/23, A monster eddy current is forming off Sydney. What is it, and will it bring a new marine heatwave?
10/30/23, Climate crisis: carbon emissions budget is now tiny, scientists say
10/24/23, Scientists discover hidden landscape ‘frozen in time’ under Antarctic ice
10/24/23, Earth’s ‘vital signs’ worse than at any time in human history, scientists warn
10/12/23, Hailstorm frequency has increased by 40% around Sydney and Perth since 1979
10/12/23, Without the Southern Ocean we cannot survive on Earth. Our research must wait no longer | Nathan Bindoff

Inside Climate News
11/29/23, In California, Farmers Test a Method to Sink More Water into Underground Stores
11/28/23, COP28 by the Numbers
11/28/23, “Carbon Cowboys” Chasing Emissions Offsets in the Amazon Keep Forest-Dwelling Communities in the Dark
11/27/23, A New Law Regulating the Cosmetics Industry Expands the FDA’s Power But Fails to Ban Toxic Chemicals in Beauty Products
11/26/23, Black Women Face Disproportionate Risks From Largely Unregulated Toxic Substances in Beauty and Personal Care Products
11/25/23, A Walk in the Woods with My Brain on Fire: Autumn
11/24/23, What Happened to the Great Lakes Offshore Wind Boom?
11/23/23, What’s That on Top of the Building? A New Solar Water Heating System Goes Online as Its Developer Enters the US Market
11/23/23, What’s That on Top of the Building? A New Solar Water Heating System Goes Online as Its Developer Enters the US Market
11/22/23, As New York Officials Push Clean Hydrogen Project, Indigenous Nation Sees a Threat to Its Land

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