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7/27/21, South Africa proposes global goal for adaptation at pre-Cop26 ministerial
7/26/21, G20 climate and energy ministers split over coal exit
7/23/21, Indonesia to burn coal well into the 2050s, under updated climate plan
7/23/21, Preparing for the unprecedented – Climate Weekly
7/22/21, Europe’s floods hit my childhood home, sweeping away my parents’ sense of safety
7/21/21, Record-breaking rain fills Chinese subway, drowning twelve people
7/20/21, Fatal floods expose gaps in Germany’s disaster preparedness
7/19/21, After 20 years, talks on scrapping fishing subsidies enter final stretch
7/16/21, Chileans look to new constitution to return water to communities
7/16/21, Fit for the climate crisis? – Climate Weekly
7/15/21, Developing nations put numbers on the table for the next climate finance goal
7/15/21, EU’s border tax gives countries 5 years to clean up industries or face penalties
7/14/21, Ocean fire raises questions about US support for Mexico’s oil and gas industry
7/14/21, DR Congo plans to lift logging moratorium amid forest protection talks
7/13/21, UN draft accord sets out new biodiversity goals but delivery plan is lacking
7/12/21, G20 backs carbon pricing, ‘raising stakes’ among emerging economies
7/12/21, EU must use its carbon border tax to support a just transition around the world
7/9/21, Argentina pitches green debt swap, with the Pope’s blessing
7/9/21, Beyond firefighting the ocean – Climate Weekly
7/9/21, G20 ministers must scale up climate finance in solidarity with vulnerable countries

Yale Environment 360
7/27/21, Can Retrofitting Dams for Hydro Provide a Green Energy Boost?
7/26/21, In Namibia, Rhino and Elephant Poaching Continues to Decline
7/23/21, U.S. Power Sector Sees Biggest One-Year Drop in Emissions in More Than Two Decades
7/22/21, Climate Change Responsible for Recent Decline of Eastern Monarch Butterflies
7/22/21, Land Grabbers: The Growing Assault on Brazil’s Indigenous Areas
7/19/21, Series of Rare Arctic Thunderstorms Stuns Scientists
7/16/21, Urban Heat Islands Making Summer Heat Waves Worse, Study Says
7/15/21, Will Russia’s Forests Be an Asset or an Obstacle in Climate Fight?
7/14/21, Indigenous Peruvians Use Smartphones to Monitor Deforestation
7/13/21, Two Dozen Large Cities Produce 52 Percent of Urban Carbon Emissions
7/12/21, Indian Coal Mines Garner Few Bids at Auction
7/9/21, With Growth of Arctic Shipping, Canada Must Prepare for Major Oil Spills, Study Says
7/8/21, Once a Rich Desert River, the Gila Struggles to Keep Flowing
7/2/21, UK Aims to Dump Coal Early, While Asia Stays the Course
7/1/21, Urban Refuge: How Cities Can Help Solve the Biodiversity Crisis
6/30/21, Natural Protectors: Kenyan Women Step Up to Save a Forest
6/29/21, Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Exceed EPA Estimates, Study Finds
6/25/21, Florida Keys Faces Tough Choices for Coping With Rising Seas
6/24/21, Amid Troubles for Fossil Fuels, Has the Era of ‘Peak Oil’ Arrived?
6/23/21, EVs Cost 40 Percent Less to Maintain Than Conventional Cars, Energy Department Report Says

U.S. Global Change Research Program
7/13/21, USGCRP Welcomes Allison Crimmins as Director of the Fifth National Climate Assessment
5/27/21, Dr. Mike Kuperberg Returns as USGCRP Executive Director
1/25/21, Updates on NCA5
1/25/21, NASA/JPL Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Satellite Launched
8/7/20, Remembering Dr. Mike Freilich
8/9/19, Remembering Tony Janetos
11/20/18, On the release of NCA4 Volume II and SOCCR2: A letter from the Acting Chair of the Subcommittee on Global Change Research and our Executive Director
7/23/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: July 2018
5/4/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: May 2018
10/30/17, A Letter from Our Acting Chair and Executive Director

NOAA State of the Climate updates
7/27/21, June 2021 National Climate Report
7/27/21, June 2021 Global Climate Report
7/27/21, June 2021 Regional Analysis
7/27/21, June 2021 Synoptic Discussion
7/27/21, June 2021 Tornadoes
7/27/21, June 2021 Drought
7/27/21, June 2021 Wildfires
7/27/21, June 2021 Tropical Cyclones
7/27/21, June 2021 Global Snow and Ice
7/27/21, June 2021 Upper Air

The Guardian
7/27/21, Don’t blame men for the climate crisis – we should point the finger at corporations
7/26/21, ‘Record-shattering’ heat becoming much more likely, says climate study
7/26/21, ‘When disaster strikes, you have to help’: the volunteers in a global crisis
7/25/21, Plans of four G20 states are threat to global climate pledge, warn scientists
7/24/21, Met police ‘tried to recruit ex-officer to spy on climate change activists’
7/22/21, Merkel’s political and scientific sides slug it out in swan song presser
7/22/21, After Covid, the climate crisis will be the next thing the right says we ‘just have to live with’ | Aditya Chakrabortty
7/22/21, How does the human body cope with extreme heat? (part two) – podcast
7/20/21, Resistance in the ranks: any nudge by Morrison towards net zero by 2050 will be a tough sell to LNP
7/20/21, A historic decision on the future of the Great Barrier Reef
7/20/21, Climate crisis threatens access to nutrients in fish, study finds
7/20/21, UK weather: heatwave health alert for England extended to Friday
7/20/21, Our lives are changing profoundly but we can’t succumb to cynicism and hopelessness | Lenore Taylor
7/20/21, Why are extreme weather events on the rise? (part one) – podcast
7/18/21, Climate crisis: 50 photos of extreme weather around the world – in pictures
7/18/21, How data could save Earth from climate change
7/17/21, I tried an app to reduce my family’s meat consumption and it worked
7/16/21, On vaccine equality, the UK has failed to show the leadership the world needs | Mohamed Adow and Tasneem Essop
7/12/21, Biden’s clean energy plan would cut emissions and save 317,000 lives
7/10/21, Fox News’ planned 24-hour weather channel has climate experts worried

Inside Climate News
7/27/21, Today's Climate - Water Levels at Great Salt Lake Drop to Historic Low
7/27/21, Judge Scales Back Climate Scientist’s Case Against Bloggers
7/26/21, Today's Climate - Another Heat Wave Is Coming This Week, Covering Most of the Nation
7/26/21, Can Arctic Animals Keep Up With Climate Change? Scientists are Trying to Find Out
7/25/21, A Watershed Moment: How Boston’s Charles River Went From Polluted to Pristine
7/24/21, How Cities Are Contending With the Rising Threat of Heat