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3/1/24, Global energy-related CO2 emissions hit record high in 2023 – IEA
2/29/24, Aid watchdog questions UK’s climate finance accounting
2/29/24, Nations fail to agree ban or research on solar geoengineering
2/28/24, When governments fund fossil fuels, it’s time to take them to court 
2/26/24, Clean, cheap or fair – which countries should pump the last oil and gas?
2/22/24, Revealed: UK civil servants’ secret doubts over climate techno-fixes
2/21/24, Despite Cop28 pledge, France keeps fossil fuel subsidies for farmers
2/20/24, Oil drilling while in the Energy Charter Treaty is economically reckless
2/20/24, Countries draw battle lines for talks on new climate finance goal
2/16/24, Loss and damage must be a focus of IPCC’s next reports
2/15/24, Switzerland proposes first UN expert group on solar geoengineering
2/15/24, Blended finance can perpetuate climate colonialism
2/14/24, Problems mount for Sahara gas pipeline, leaving Nigerian taxpayers at risk
2/13/24, Argentine resistance hinders Milei’s forest and glacier destruction
2/13/24, Shell accused of trying to wash hands of Nigerian oil spill mess
2/9/24, Indonesia turns traditional Indigenous land into nickel industrial zone
2/9/24, US trade agency backs oil and gas drilling in Bahrain despite Biden pledge
2/9/24, Azerbaijan orders Baku hotels to freeze Cop29 room booking
2/8/24, Ecuador’s new president tries to wriggle out of oil drilling referendum
2/7/24, EU floats 90% emissions target but drops green farming measures
2/5/24, While Europe’s green backlash grows, Poland tells different story
2/2/24, India wants its own solar industry but has to break reliance with China first
2/2/24, “Shameful”: Shell uses carbon credits under investigation to meet climate targets
2/1/24, Rich nations miss loss and damage fund deadline
2/1/24, John Podesta replaces Kerry as top US climate diplomat
1/30/24, Saudi Arabia cancels plan to raise oil pumping cap
1/30/24, Italy launches ‘ambiguous’ Africa plan fuelling fears over fossil fuels role
1/30/24, For Cop29 to succeed, rich nations must get their parliaments to agree more finance now
1/29/24, Biden misses chance to tackle “huge” US landfill emissions
1/26/24, US government pauses new gas export terminals in ‘historic win’ for climate
1/26/24, Zimbabwe looks to China to secure a place in the EV battery supply chain
1/26/24, After gas pipeline sabotage, German activists claim solidarity against US gas export terminals
1/25/24, Cop29 host Azerbaijan launches green energy unit to sceptical response
1/23/24, Amazon nations to tackle rainforest crime together in donor-funded new office
1/22/24, Governments fail to agree timeline for climate science reports in fraught IPCC talks
1/19/24, The all-male Cop29 committee is a big step backwards for climate
1/18/24, Junk offset sellers push to enter new UN carbon market
1/17/24, How fossil fuels went from sidelines to headlines in climate talks
1/16/24, Azerbaijan appoints fossil fuel execs and scandal-hit officials to all-male Cop29 committee
1/16/24, Poland’s green tide arrives in Brussels

Yale Environment 360
3/1/24, Cambodian Offset Project Led to Arrests, Evictions of Indigenous People, Report Alleges
2/29/24, In Rush for Lithium, Miners Turn to the Oil Fields of Arkansas
2/28/24, Boiling, Filtering Water Can Get Rid of Microplastics, Study Finds
2/27/24, How a Solar Revolution in Farming Is Depleting World’s Groundwater
2/26/24, Africa's Tropical Glaciers Have Shrunk by 90 Percent, Research Shows
2/23/24, After Two Years of War, Ukraine Sees Deepening Environmental Wound
2/22/24, What Will It Take to Save Our Cities from a Scorching Future?
2/21/24, In Europe, Natural Gas Demand Hits 10-Year Low
2/20/24, Rain Comes to the Arctic, With a Cascade of Troubling Changes
2/19/24, Return of Trees to Eastern U.S. Kept Region Cool as Planet Warmed
2/16/24, Deep in Death Valley, a Sprawling Lake Takes Form
2/15/24, Plastics Reckoning: PVC Is Ubiquitous, But Maybe Not for Long
2/14/24, In Icy Greenland, Area Covered by Vegetation Has More Than Doubled in Size
2/13/24, How a Legal Loophole Allows Gas Leaks to Keep on Flowing
2/12/24, Nearly Half of Migratory Species in Decline, UN Report Finds
2/9/24, After a Long Stretch of Record Heat, El Niño Begins to Wane
2/8/24, Flying Green: The Pursuit of Carbon-Neutral Aviation Revs Up
2/7/24, Amid Record Drop in Fossil Power, Europe Sees Wind Overtake Natural Gas
2/6/24, As Use of A.I. Soars, So Does the Energy and Water It Requires
2/5/24, UN Carbon Removal Estimates 'By No Means Feasible,' Scientists Warn

U.S. Global Change Research Program
8/18/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Stacy Aguilera-Peterson as Deputy Director for Research
4/24/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Julian Reyes as Deputy Director for Services
3/27/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Phillip Levin as Director of National Nature Assessment
2/9/23, Department of Homeland Security Becomes 14th Member of USGCRP
11/10/22, USGCRP at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2022
11/9/22, USGCRP hosting free webinars in support of National Climate Assessment
3/8/22, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: March 2022
8/16/21, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: August 2021
7/13/21, USGCRP Welcomes Allison Crimmins as Director of the Fifth National Climate Assessment
5/27/21, Dr. Mike Kuperberg Returns as USGCRP Executive Director

NOAA State of the Climate updates

The Guardian
2/25/24, Sunak stands with net zero and climate conspiracy group at farming protest
2/17/24, February on course to break unprecedented number of heat records
2/14/24, Amazon rainforest could reach ‘tipping point’ by 2050, scientists warn
2/14/24, Lab-grown ‘beef rice’ could offer more sustainable protein source, say creators
2/9/24, Atlantic Ocean circulation nearing ‘devastating’ tipping point, study finds
2/5/24, Ancient sea sponges at centre of controversial claim world has already warmed by 1.7C
2/4/24, How do you stop a glacier from melting? Simple – put up an underwater curtain
1/28/24, Climate scientist Mark Maslin: ‘We have all the technology we need to move to a cleaner, renewable world’
1/27/24, Race against time to unlock secrets of Erebus shipwreck and doomed Arctic expedition
1/21/24, Australia not prepared for how Antarctic ice changes will hit economy, scientist warns
1/13/24, Human ‘behavioural crisis’ at root of climate breakdown, say scientists
1/11/24, ‘Astounding’ ocean temperatures in 2023 intensified extreme weather, data shows
1/10/24, Bhutan Mountain Man: video diaries from a lone glaciologist
1/10/24, Bhutan Mountain Man: video diaries from a lone glaciologist
1/7/24, ‘It opened a lot of old wounds’: Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone on Killers of the Flower Moon
12/29/23, World will look back at 2023 as year humanity exposed its inability to tackle climate crisis, scientists say
12/27/23, Full Story revisited: Where did all the Antarctic sea ice go? – podcast
12/11/23, Climate crisis could cause 10,000 extra UK deaths a year by 2050, says health body
12/10/23, ‘Magical’ tech innovations a distraction from real solutions, climate experts warn
12/7/23, We need power to prescribe climate policy, IPCC scientists say

Inside Climate News
3/3/24, South Carolina Poised to Transform Former Coal-Fired Plant Into a Gas Utility as Public Service Commission Approves Conversion
3/2/24, A White House Advisor and Environmental Justice Activist Wants Immediate Help for Two Historically Black Communities in Alabama
3/1/24, Engineers Are Trying to Suck Carbon From the Sea
3/1/24, Study Pinpoints Links Between Melting Arctic Ice and Summertime Extreme Weather in Europe
2/29/24, VA Medical Centers Vulnerable To Extreme Weather As Climate Warms
2/29/24, U.S. Wind Energy Generation Fell Last Year, With the Greatest Decreases Recorded in the Midwest
2/28/24, A National Tour Calling for a Reborn and Ramped Up Green New Deal Lands in Pittsburgh
2/27/24, ‘Spongy’ LA Soaked Up Tons of Water From Atmospheric River
2/27/24, A Small Pennsylvania College Is Breaking New Ground in Pursuit of a Clean Energy Campus
2/26/24, Chemours and DuPont Knew About Risks But Kept Making Toxic PFAS Chemicals, UN Human Rights Advisors Conclude

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