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11/27/20, The damage of four lost years – Climate Weekly
11/27/20, Youth activists demand damages for climate victims at virtual ‘mock Cop26’
11/26/20, EU urged to address aviation’s full climate impact, including non-CO2 emissions
11/26/20, As UN action on ship emissions falls short, attention turns to regions
11/25/20, UK aid budget cuts undermine trust ahead of Cop26 summit, experts warn
11/23/20, Joe Biden picks John Kerry as the US’ presidential envoy on climate change
11/23/20, Saudis and Europeans reach compromise on climate as G20 projects unity
11/20/20, Johnson bids for climate glory – Climate Weekly
11/20/20, UN shipping body approves Arctic heavy fuel oil ‘ban’, delayed for a decade
11/20/20, Canada sets out to enshrine 2050 net zero emissions goal in law
11/20/20, In Bangladesh, the marginalised Munda face extra barriers to climate adaptation
11/19/20, China is set to meet UN climate deadline, experts say, but coal pathway is uncertain
11/19/20, Boris Johnson has further to go on climate to show true leadership
11/18/20, Hurricanes Iota, Eta devastate parts of Central America in record-breaking season
11/18/20, Bolsonaro’s attack on the Amazon breaches Brazil’s constitution, climate lawyers argue
11/17/20, Boris Johnson sets out 10-point plan to get UK on track for net zero
11/17/20, Anger as UN body approves deal that allows ship emissions to rise to 2030
11/17/20, Climate campaigners target critical US Senate runoffs in Georgia
11/16/20, Russia resists tougher climate targets in dash for Arctic gas
11/16/20, First named Cop26 sponsors are big investors in offshore wind – and a gas plant

Yale Environment 360
11/25/20, Covid-related Emissions Drop “Just a Tiny Blip” in Long-term Climate Trends
11/24/20, Record-shattering Warmth Pushes Arctic Temperatures to 12 Degrees F Above Normal
11/24/20, As South Africa Clings to Coal, A Struggle for the Right to Breathe
11/23/20, Changes in Fire Activity Threaten 4,400 Species Around the Globe
11/20/20, Scientists Create the First Global Map of Bee Distribution
11/19/20, A Wave of Infrastructure Projects to Cause Widespread Deforestation in Coming Decades, Report Finds
11/19/20, Equitable Retreat: The Need for Fairness in Relocating Coastal Communities
11/17/20, Climate Change Is Causing Hurricanes to Break Down More Slowly Over Land
11/17/20, At Sea and in Court, the Fight to Save Right Whales Intensifies
11/13/20, Despite Covid-Driven Economic Slowdown, Renewable Energy to Hit New Record in 2020
11/12/20, Students Build Electric Car Made Entirely From Recycled Materials
11/12/20, Learning How to Talk: What Climate Activists Must Do in the Biden Era
11/10/20, West African Court Finds Guinean Officials Guilty in Mine Conflict
11/6/20, Environmental Ballot Measures Get Widespread Approval by American Voters
11/5/20, Green Hydrogen: Could It Be Key to a Carbon-Free Economy?
11/4/20, Declining Snow Cover in U.S. Northeast Will Have Major Impacts on Rivers, Study Finds
11/2/20, U.S. Is a Larger Source of Plastic Pollution than Previously Thought, Report Finds
11/2/20, Getting the Lead Out: Why Battery Recycling Is a Global Health Hazard
10/30/20, Researchers Build a Roadmap to Restore an Ancient Woodland
10/27/20, Global Emissions Likely Peaked in 2019, Report Finds

U.S. Global Change Research Program
11/16/20, Now Hiring: International Global Change Science Lead
8/7/20, Remembering Dr. Mike Freilich
11/22/19, USGCRP at the AGU 2019 Fall Meeting
8/9/19, Remembering Tony Janetos
11/20/18, On the release of NCA4 Volume II and SOCCR2: A letter from the Acting Chair of the Subcommittee on Global Change Research and our Executive Director
7/23/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: July 2018
5/4/18, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: May 2018
10/30/17, A Letter from Our Acting Chair and Executive Director
6/28/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: June 2017
4/28/17, Fourth National Climate Assessment Update: April 2017

NOAA State of the Climate updates
11/27/20, October 2020 National Climate Report
11/27/20, October 2020 Global Climate Report
11/27/20, October 2020 Regional Analysis
11/27/20, October 2020 Global Snow and Ice
11/27/20, October 2020 Upper Air
11/27/20, October 2020 Tornadoes
11/27/20, October 2020 Synoptic Discussion
11/27/20, October 2020 Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
11/27/20, October 2020 National Snow and Ice
11/27/20, October 2020 Drought

The Guardian
11/26/20, Climate crisis making autumn leaves fall earlier, study finds
11/26/20, Frances Alexander obituary
11/22/20, G20 leaders pledge to distribute Covid vaccines fairly around world
11/20/20, 'Dollars don't vote': Ocasio-Cortez and the 'Squad' rally for action on climate crisis – video
11/17/20, Why the UK needs a full peat compost ban
11/15/20, Scientists link record-breaking hurricane season to climate crisis
11/14/20, Suing for climate action: can the courts save us from the black hole of political inaction?
11/13/20, State of the climate: five big issues from the report that will affect every Australian
11/13/20, Hitting net zero is not enough – we must restore the climate | Letter
11/12/20, The Guardian view on Biden and the climate crisis: fight for net zero | Editorial
11/12/20, Rising levels of carbon dioxide increasing extreme weather events in Australia, report finds
11/10/20, Can Joe Biden and Kamala Harris unite America after Trump? – video explainer
11/10/20, Australia should cut emissions quickly and lead world in renewable energy, incoming chief scientist says
11/10/20, Devastating 2020 Atlantic hurricane season breaks all records
11/7/20, Support a science oath for the climate | Letter
11/6/20, Climate crisis: more than 100 Australian businesses and organisations support net-zero target
11/3/20, We need to talk to our kids about the climate crisis. But courage fails me when I look at my son | Tim Flannery
11/3/20, This election isn't about the next four years. It's about the next four millennia | Bill McKibben
11/2/20, 'In the sun they'd cook': is the US south-west getting too hot for farm animals?
11/1/20, Antarctica is Earth's one virus-free continent: science fights to keep it that way

Inside Climate News
11/27/20, Your Black Friday alternative
11/27/20, Newsom’s Top Five Candidates for Kamala Harris’s Senate Seat All Have Climate in Their Bios
11/26/20, The First African American Cardinal Is a Climate Change Believer
11/25/20, Today's Climate - What the Janet Yellen Pick for Treasury Means for Climate Policy
11/25/20, As Special Envoy for Climate, John Kerry Will Be No Stranger to International Climate Negotiations
11/24/20, Today's Climate - G.M. Drops Its Support for Trump Climate Rollbacks and Aligns With Biden
11/24/20, Biden Has Promised to Kill the Keystone XL Pipeline. Activists Hope He’ll Nix Dakota Access, Too
11/23/20, Today's Climate - Covid-19 Shutdowns Were Just a Blip in the Upward Trajectory of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions
11/23/20, Covid-19 Shutdowns Were Just a Blip in the Upward Trajectory of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions
11/22/20, Mark your calendars

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