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6/20/24, Five things we learned from the UN’s climate mega-poll
6/20/24, Gas flaring back on the rise, fuelling calls for stronger regulation 
6/20/24, Despite dilution, officials say new nature law can restore EU carbon sinks
6/18/24, EU warns “delaying tactics” have made plastic treaty deal “very difficult”
6/18/24, Lessons from trade tensions targeting “overcapacity” in China’s cleantech industry
6/17/24, New finance goal needed to protect climate momentum from a Trump win 
6/17/24, Lithium tug of war: the US-China rivalry for Argentina’s white gold
6/14/24, Visa chaos for developing-country delegates mars Bonn climate talks
6/14/24, UN climate chief warns of “steep mountain to climb” for COP29 after Bonn blame-game
6/13/24, G7 countries must deliver on COP28 promise to cut fossil fuels
6/13/24, Bonn bulletin: Fears over “1.5 washing” in national climate plans
6/12/24, Bonn bulletin: Climate finance chasm remains unbridged
6/12/24, Bonn makes only lukewarm progress to tackle a red-hot climate crisis
6/12/24, G7 coal charade: Funding the fire they claim to fight 
6/11/24, Bonn talks on climate finance goal end in stalemate on numbers
6/11/24, Bonn bulletin: Fossil fuel transition left homeless
6/10/24, No shortage of public money to pay for a just energy transition
6/10/24, Bonn bulletin: Crunch time for climate finance
6/7/24, UK general election: Watch out for climate obstructionism  
6/6/24, Developing countries suggest rich nations tax arms, fashion and tech firms for climate
6/6/24, North Africa’s disappearing nomads: Why my community needs climate finance
6/5/24, Right-wing pushback on EU’s green laws misjudges rural views 
6/5/24, UN chief calls on governments to ban fossil fuel ads
6/4/24, Quality – not just quantity – matters in the new climate finance goal
6/3/24, “Great enabler of climate action” – UN urges Bonn progress on new finance goal
6/3/24, The great COP food systems illusion: UN climate talks deliver no real-world action
6/3/24, Mexico elects a climate scientist as president – but will politics temper her green ambition?
5/31/24, On beaches of Gaza and Tel Aviv, two tales of one heatwave
5/31/24, Climate, development and nature: three urgent priorities for next UK government
5/30/24, Despite exit, EU seeks to save green reforms to energy investment treaty
5/30/24, Developing countries need support adapting to deadly heat
5/29/24, Rich nations meet $100bn climate finance goal – two years late
5/29/24, US government backs the carbon credit industry’s push to fix itself
5/28/24, The Canadian city betting on recycling rare earths for the energy transition
5/23/24, As South Africa heads to the polls, voters await stalled “just energy transition”
5/23/24, Can the rising cost of chocolate help cocoa producers go green?
5/23/24, In Malawi, dubious cyclone aid highlights need for loss and damage fund
5/21/24, UN court: Countries must go beyond Paris Agreement to protect oceans
5/21/24, Africa must reap the benefits of its energy transition minerals 
5/17/24, Azerbaijan pursues clean energy to export more ‘god-given’ gas to Europe

Yale Environment 360
6/24/24, In a Warmer World, Cloud Brightening Could Backfire, Study Finds
6/21/24, New Research Challenges Story of Collapse on Easter Island
6/20/24, Could the Global Boom in Greenhouses Help Cool the Planet?
6/18/24, In North Macedonia, an Ancient Lake Faces Modern Threats
6/17/24, It's Not Just Fish — Some Gray Whales Are Shrinking Too
6/14/24, Outrage Over Kidnapping of East African Pipeline Opponent
6/13/24, How a ‘Citizen Map’ Is Helping Brazil Prepare for Next Big Flood
6/12/24, A Key Court Ruling Could Weaken U.S. Environmental Protections
6/11/24, Wildfire Smoke Killed More Than 50,000 Californians Over a Decade
6/10/24, Elephants Have Names for Each Other, Study Finds
6/7/24, Leafy Vegetables Found to Contain Tire Additives
6/6/24, As ‘Zombie’ Deer Disease Spreads, Scientists Look for Answers
6/5/24, Rich Countries Still Falling Short on Climate Aid, Analyses Reveal
6/4/24, Despite Criticism, the Last of the Rattlesnake Roundups Hang On
6/3/24, U.S. Drillers Have Cut Methane Emissions by More Than a Third
5/31/24, Tiny Fern Found to Have Largest Genome on Earth
5/30/24, Relics of a Warmer Past, Some Species May Be Suited to a Hotter Future
5/29/24, Climate Change Added 26 Days of Extreme Heat Over the Last Year
5/28/24, Pollution Paradox: How Cleaning Up Smog Drives Ocean Warming
5/24/24, Warming Brings Early Bloom to Bulgarian Rose Fields

U.S. Global Change Research Program
8/18/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Stacy Aguilera-Peterson as Deputy Director for Research
4/24/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Julian Reyes as Deputy Director for Services
3/27/23, U.S. Global Change Research Program Welcomes Dr. Phillip Levin as Director of National Nature Assessment
2/9/23, Department of Homeland Security Becomes 14th Member of USGCRP
11/10/22, USGCRP at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2022
11/9/22, USGCRP hosting free webinars in support of National Climate Assessment
3/8/22, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: March 2022
8/16/21, Fifth National Climate Assessment Update: August 2021
7/13/21, USGCRP Welcomes Allison Crimmins as Director of the Fifth National Climate Assessment
5/27/21, Dr. Mike Kuperberg Returns as USGCRP Executive Director

NOAA State of the Climate updates

The Guardian
6/20/24, The Guardian view on the climate and the election: a gulf divides science from policy | Editorial
6/17/24, Athletes warn ‘hottest Games on record’ could threaten lives at Paris Olympics
6/15/24, Disastrous, dark shadow, destroys our economy: five climate elders on Peter Dutton’s emissions stance
6/15/24, ‘We want the audience to feel there is hope’: how to write a play about the climate crisis, by the team behind The Jungle and Little Amal
6/4/24, Botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer: ‘The clock is ticking but the world will teach us what we need to do’ – podcast
6/1/24, Sensor error means New Delhi heatwave record overstated by 3C
5/20/24, What keeps the world’s top climate scientists up at night? - podcast
5/16/24, What keeps the world’s top climate scientists up at night? – podcast
5/15/24, The fears of top climate scientists: inside the 17 May edition
5/15/24, The 1.5C global heating target was always a dream, but its demise doesn't signal doom for climate action | Bill McKibben
5/10/24, The climate crisis is no laughing matter, no matter what those on Radio 4’s Today programme think | Bill McGuire
5/10/24, ‘I am starting to panic about my child’s future’: climate scientists wary of starting families
5/9/24, What are the most powerful climate actions you can take? The expert view
5/8/24, The Guardian view on the climate emergency: we cannot afford to despair | Editorial
5/8/24, ‘Hopeless and broken’: why the world’s top climate scientists are in despair
5/8/24, World’s top climate scientists expect global heating to blast past 1.5C target
5/8/24, Venezuela loses its last glacier as it shrinks down to an ice field
5/7/24, Methane emissions: Australian cattle industry suggests shift from net zero target to ‘climate neutral’ approach
4/19/24, UN livestock emissions report seriously distorted our work, say experts
4/9/24, Tenth consecutive monthly heat record alarms and confounds climate scientists

Inside Climate News
6/24/24, The Latest From ICN Southwest | June 24, 2024
6/24/24, The Latest From ICN New York | June 24, 2024
6/24/24, Mining the Sun: Some in the Wyoming Epicenter of the Coal Industry Hope to Sustain Its Economy With Renewables
6/24/24, The Latest From ICN Southeast | June 24, 2024
6/23/24, In West Virginia, the Senate Race Outcome May Shift Limits of US Climate Ambitions
6/22/24, Climate Activists Blockade Citigroup’s Doors with Model Pipeline and Protest Bank’s Ties to Israel
6/21/24, Poaching And Extreme Heat Pose Dual Threats for Rhinos
6/21/24, The Latest From ICN California | June 21, 2024
6/21/24, California’s Bay Area is Heating Up. Its Infrastructure Isn’t Designed For It
6/20/24, The Latest From ICN Texas | June 20, 2024

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